There will be no Liquid in Brazil

IEM Brazil invites revealed, Liquid declined

The only NA representation in Brazil will come from the lone NA qualifier spot.

ESL have announced their invitees for Aprils IEM Brazil, with FURIA being the lone representative of the Americas region on the guest list as the 'local hero' invite. Alongside the hometown favorites there will be a star-studded lineup with NAVI, FaZe, Vitality and the Rio Major champions Outsiders all invited.

Liquid, who currently are second in ESL's world rankings, were invited but according to ESL's SVP of Game Ecosystems Ulrich "theflyingdj" Schulze the NA team declined the invite due to scheduling. The IEM Brazil event is scheduled to start just a week after the Americas RMR which could be behind Liquid's decision.

Despite Brazil not being a happy hunting ground for the NA sides at the Rio Major, it will be disappointing for Liquid to not be in attendance. Especially, due to the support they have in the region stemming from Gabriel "Fallen" Toledo's time on the team.

Speaking of the Brazilian icon, his Imperial side will have to make another unlikely qualification run if he is to get to play in front of his home crowd once again as 00NATION and 9z are the two closed qualifier invitees for the SA region.

ESL also announced their invites for their Closed qualifier, with Complexity and paiN being the two teams to receive a spot in the closed qualifier. This means that EG will have to fight their way through the open qualifier if they wish to make the tournament.

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January 23, 2023 03:52PM
Why would liquid abandon us like this
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January 24, 2023 06:38PM
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