After a disappointing end to the year, Complexity looks to improve

Complexity begins year in Denmark

The team has jetted off to Copenhagen for a bootcamp ahead of the new season.

Complexity did not have easiest year in 2022 which was unfortunately highlighted by an 2-11 run from the PGL Antwerp Major through BLAST Fall Groups. At groups they shocked the world with a victory over Natus Vincere, only to lose the next three matches against Liquid, NAVI, and OG, respectively.

The times have been tough. They replaced Paytyn "junior" Johnson with Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli and things started to look up. They qualified for ESL Pro League playoffs, but failed to make it to the IEM Rio Major, capping off a year of mishaps and misfortune.

Complexity is now beginning their new year with a fresh bootcamp in Copenhagen at the Astralis Nexus. "The break was definitely needed, we had quite a rough schedule in the past season", said Complexity CS:GO General Manager Graham "messioso" Pitt. "Obviously coming off the huge disappointment of not qualifying for the Rio major we all then had some time to reflect, and take the learnings that we can from the experience and hopefully return more prepared the next time we're in that kind of pressure situation."

Michael "Grim" Wince and Justin "FaNg" Coakley sent out a few tweets marking on journey to their first full practices ahead of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. The whole team has already arrived and they will have a one week bootcamp to get back up to speed. With no roster changes, the team is simply picking up from where they left off.

The year was tough, but ended with the team somehow qualifying for IEM Katowice, in the most unusual ways. As Pitt explains, "We closed out the year with some less orthodox choices, playing some relaxed NA Cash Cups with hallzerk on 120 ping from Norway. But that was essential to set ourselves up for the start of this year with IEM Katowice qualification."

The team has a busy January with their travels this week before BLAST begins on January 19th, then IEM Katowice on January 30th as they participate in the Play-In stage alongside paiN, FURIA, and Evil Geniuses.

Complexity has some higher goals this year than the one prior, but also realistic. "We had a small kick-off meeting and set some basic goals and things we'd like to achieve this year, principally qualification to both majors."

The Dallas Cowboys-owned organization plays their first official game against FaZe on January 20th at 06:00AM.

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January 12, 2023 11:46PM
*Cough* EG is also in Denmark *Cough* and also bootcamped *Cough Cough*
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January 13, 2023 09:34AM
You might want to have that cough looked at.
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Yeah just got done with being sick it won’t go away
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That always sucks.
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this is the year coL
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