koi confirms new Davenport roster

Davenport have had to reorient after parting ways with CoJoMo and swicher.

In an upcoming interview with Colin "koi" Thor, Davenport's coach has confirmed the university's division one roster for ESL Challenger League Season 44. The move follows Collin "CoJoMo" Moren's announcement on January 8th that he was no longer part of the lineup.

koi told Dust2.us that Davenport made the decision to part ways with CoJoMo due to differences over preferred playstyle and vision for the AWPer's role within the team. Additionally, koi revealed that Davenport would unfortunately not be continuing on with Estonian phenom Denis "swicher" Baranov due to out of server issues including homesickness and financial constraints for the young player.

In their place, Davenport have brought out former Brazen player Keanu "Danejoris" Reyes and former X13 player Austin "Austin" Meadows, with both players set to attend the university in 2023. koi tells Dust2.us that Danejoris was a natural addition due to his experience and reliable playstyle. As for Austin, koi said he is an incredibly hard worker who can be a dependable rifler for the squad.

Davenport University will consist of:

  • United States Spencer "Pugg" Moore

  • United States Tommy "corn" Eckhart

  • United States William "spek" Smith

  • United States Keanu "Danejoris" Reyes

  • United States Austin "Austin" Meadows

  • United States Colin ""koi" Thor (Coach)

  • United States Luke "Viathan" Carstens (Assistant Coach)

This new Davenport roster will make their debut in ESL Challenger League Season 44 when it kicks off on January 17th.

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#1(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 11:40AM
Omg bane joris?
#2(With 2 replies)
January 11, 2023 11:40AM
Also actually curious which Austin that's is there is so much Austin's in NA CS
#7(With 1 replies)
January 11, 2023 01:56PM
I think it’s AAustin but I’m not sure
#9(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 05:35PM
It's austincs_
I think it'd be better if they linked the mentionned person's twitter to make it less confusing.
@austincsgo_ former X13 player
#3(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 11:54AM
Loving the danejoris pickup, this should be a sick roster!
#4(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 12:10PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Love it
#5(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 12:13PM
best college roster not even close
#6(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 01:17PM
I wish this was all happening five years ago. Probably would have gotten way more into the game at a time where I might have actually been able to improve instead of being the terrible player I am now lmao. Big respect to Koi and Davenport.
#8(With 0 replies)
January 11, 2023 02:07PM
Sucks that swicher wasn't able to stay and CoJoMo had a different playstyle, but I'm stoked that this allows 2 more NA players to get a college education through CS.
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