Should he join FURIA, it would be a massive callup for sidde (Courtesy: Saymon Sampaio/ BBL e-SPORTS)

FURIA close in on tacitus' replacement

The #1 Brazilian team are reportedly interested in a new face from the Brazilian sub-top.

According to a recent report by Dust2 Brasil, FURIA are in advanced negotiations to bring on a replacement for Marcos "tacitus" Castilho. The organization's focus appears to be on Brazilian organization ODDIK's assistant coach, Sid "sidde" Macedo, who has been working with the organization since October.

While ODDIK aren't a household name on the international stage, the squad have been highly successful in the Brazilian domestic scene, challenging the likes of Paquetá, ARCTIC, and Fluxo in a number of online and offline competitions. sidde personally has experience with a few Brazilian sub-top teams, previously having been the head coach of Redemption POA and Liberty. He was also later the Head of FPS for Liberty, holding the position in the São Paulo-based organization before moving on to ODDIK.

These experiences will hopefully prepare sidde for a massive step up in his career, being elevated to help lead the number one Brazilian team. As Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira will also remain banned from Valve Majors until next year, sidde could also be called to coach FURIA in both 2023 Majors, a prestigious opportunity for the 25 year old.

Should the deal go through, FURIA will be:

  • Brazil Yuri "yuurih" Santos

  • Brazil Andrei "arT" Piovezan

  • Brazil Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato

  • Brazil André "drop" Abreu

  • Brazil Rafael "saffee" Costa

  • Brazil Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira (Coach)

  • Brazil Sid "sidde" Macedo (Assistant Coach)

FURIA are set to attend IEM Katowice 2023 on January 31st, so should the move go through, it could be sidde's first outing with his new squad.

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