Champions Stage Pick 'Ems

Only one remains running for the Diamond Coin.

After an unsuccessful Legends Stage Pick 'Ems, where only Arnie got five or more correct guesses, the staff members and friends of are back to try and get at least the Gold Coin, Diamond for Arnie.

With fewer teams, this stage's guesses tend to be, naturally, less different from one another. Jeff, Liam, Martin, CarbonDogma, and Scoobster went for the exact same Champions Stage: Outsiders, Cloud9, Heroic, and NAVI winning the first round, then Cloud9, and NAVI advancing to the grand final with NAVI winning the Major. "Boring but perfect", Scoobster told us.

Waldo doesn't join this group due to having Cloud9 losing against MOUZ in the first round and the next one against Outsiders. In the final game against NAVI, the CIS team wins the Major as well.

The Brits from have two teams in common going through Heroic and, of course, fnatic. DuckMoriarty believes in a MOUZ win against Cloud9, and a FURIA win over NAVI. Then MOUZ will beat fnatic and FURIA will beat Heroic. The Brazilians get crowned champions in his scenario. Dafydd went for full UK copium, having fnatic winning it all against NAVI in the finals after fnatic beat Cloud9, and NAVI beat Heroic.

Arnie, the only one with a Diamond Coin in sight, thinks fnatic win the first match, but then get defeated by Cloud9, while on the other side of the bracket, FURIA and Heroic face off in the semifinals. With FURIA winning the Major against Cloud9.

Several people chose FURIA to win everything, as the team has shown up in good form and is playing at home. Ryan doesn't care about the other teams, he only said "FURIA winning it all". In the end, he has FURIA winning over C9, after winning over NAVI and Heroic, and C9 winning against fnatic. Gonc has the same end game for the Brazilians, but it would be a final between FURIA and Outsiders, after the CIS team beat MOUZ in the semis, and FURIA beat Heroic.

This will conclude the Pick 'Ems for IEM Rio, which has been an event with incredible upsets on either end of the spectrum. Nobody could have foreseen Faze Clan and NIP to go out 0-3 while Mouz and Fnatic stormed their way through to playoffs. We also saw hometown favorites Imperial and 00 Nation go 0-3 and Liquid failing just at the last moment to go through.

This Major has had magic written all over it and we cannot wait to see what comes in Paris next May!

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