Dust2 Double Doors #5 ft. DarfMike: FRAG 17, EPL, and the upcoming RMR

Fragadelphia 17 commentator DarfMike comes on the show to recap the event plus more.

We chat with Mike "DarfMike" Winnick about everything FRAG 17, including the imported European teams. Following up, we look back at ESL Pro League so far and forward to the ongoing Group D. Finally topping it all off with a preview of the upcoming Americas RMR for the Rio Major.

Timestamps provided below:

  • 00:00 — Introductions

  • 02:14 — FRAG 17 EU Teams

  • 13:22 — FRAG 17 NA Teams

  • 33:07 — EPL S16 so far...

  • 39:50 — EPL S16 Group D

  • 50:08 — Americas RMR Preview

  • 54:47 — Conclusions

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