The second open qualifier will now have three spots

Brazilian titans bow out of Rotterdam Closed Qualifiers

Imperial and paiN have dropped out of the South American closed qualifier for Rotterdam.

As Fluxo makes it through the open qualifier for ESL Challenger Rotterdam, ESL has announced that both paiN and Imperial have dropped out leaving two open spaces in their wake. ESL have acted fast and also announced that the second open qualifier will now have three spots instead of one.

For Imperial, the ESL Challenger Rotterdam finals will be at the same time as the Flowfire League Finals to which they were invited. By choosing not to play the closed qualifier they have given an opportunity to other South American teams but Imperial will not be able to get their revenge on paiN who beat them in the final of ESL Challenger Melbourne earlier this month.

Sharks, who came second in the first qualifier, should be favorites coming into this after they fell to the Vinicius "vsm" Moreira-led Fluxo in the final. For teams such as FURIA Academy and O Plano, this is a chance that they did not have before as they head into the second open qualifier with these two teams coming 3-4th in the first qualifier.

With the big names now no longer in the running, the ESL Challenger Rotterdam South American second open qualifier just became a whole lot more interesting. The chance to have an opportunity to play at an ESL Challenger event just went from a pipe dream to near reality for many South American teams.

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