First CCT Series kicks off

The North American side of the first iteration of CCT has begun.

The first round of games in the North American Champion of Champions Tour Series #1 took place last night, with eight teams opening up the swiss system format. Of the sixteen teams in attendance, four teams competing qualified through the closed qualifier which took place last week.

The qualifier was unfortunately riddled with countless forfeits in the group stage. Regardless, Group A saw Villanous and Foggy qualify to the playoffs. Coming from Group B, Hollow Point and HKTJ, and from Group C, Marauders and Swarm, also qualified to the playoffs. The final, Group D, was the berth of Valence and DNA.

In the playoffs, Villainous and Swarm were pitted against each other, where Villainous come out on top with a dominating 2-0 series. The next playoffs matches were Hollow Point vs DNA and Marauders vs Foggy, with both latter teams claiming 2-0 wins as well. The final game was Valence vs HKJT, where a partially forfeited 2-0 saw Valence reach the next stage.

Moving onto the swiss stage of the series, twelve teams were invited, joined by the four playoffs winners from the closed qualifier:

United States All Gas No Brakes
United States Davenport
United States Detonate
United States Electrify Steel

United States kari
United States Limitless
United States REIGN

Brazil Sojoga
United States Take Flyte
United States Victorum
United States X13

United States Villainous
United States Foggy
United States Valence

The first opening match was Infinity, who recently made history by qualifying for the Americas RMR, launching their campaign with a 2-0 victory over REIGN. The first map was a close affair of 16:14 on Overpass, followed by a much quicker 16:6 on Nuke. Joining Infinity in the winners column, All Gas No Brakes swept kari with another 2-0 with a 16:12 and 16:7 on Overpass and Dust2, respectively.

The third match of the night saw Victorum defeating X13 with a hard-fought 2-0, after taking X13's map pick of Nuke 19:16 before closing out on Ancient 16:11. The final match would disappointingly not take place, as Detonate forfeited to DNA due to a scheduling clash with an ESL Challenger League Season 42 fixture.

Tonight's matches will see Davenport, hoping to build off their first win in ECL against Mythic yesterday, take on Villainous in their opening game. Take Flyte will take on Foggy, who made it through the closed qualifier, while the final team who made it through the qualifier, Valence, will face off against the Brazilians of Sojoga. The final game from the first round of the Swiss system will be an all-ESEA Advanced affair with Limitless facing off against Electrify Steel.

Davenport vs Villainous and Take Flyte vs Foggy will commence the second phase of matches for the first round at 06:00PM, while Valence vs Sojoga and Limitless vs Electrify Steel are scheduled to start at 09:00PM.

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September 15, 2022 09:07AM
I'm excited about the CCT series, it's a shame it got off to a bit of a rough start.
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