Evil Geniuses' Q&A: What we learned

The organization took to Twitter to share more information regarding the unique lineup.

When it was announced that Evil Geniuses was signing the lineups of both Party Astronauts and Carpe Diem, many fans were left with more questions than they could keep track of. With ten-man rosters being viewed as nothing more than a failed trend, how could the Seattle-based organization possibly expect a 15-player lineup to work? To answer that question, and many more, Evil Geniuses' Director of Gaming Business Danny Engels hosted a Q&A on Twitter, where fans could learn more about the ambitious new project. Here's everything you need to know.

How will all 15 players stay active in events?

Many people were worried that there simply would not be enough space available in the event circuit for Evil Geniuses to field three separate lineups without overlap. Engels addressed this concern by highlighting just how many different events are available for the squads to participate in, including "ESL, BLAST, RMR, and the recently announced CCT". Engels also stated that they would be looking to have a stronger presence in smaller regional events, such as Fragadelphia and ESL Challenger events, among others.

How will the three rosters be spread out in the scene?

Here, Engels again highlighted the variety of events available for their teams to play in, including both tier one and two events. The organization then stated that they expect five of the fifteen players to be "in Europe a majority of the 2nd half of the year" in order to play in big events. This leaves the remaining ten players to stay in Seattle, where the players will scrim and drill against one another with the help of the coaching staff. In this response, it was also noted that if the rosters were to be mixed up, this would be where that avenue could be explored.

What are the goals for the main roster?

Details were sparing regarding the organization's hopes for Jake "Stewie2K" Yip and his men, who have had a lackluster first half of 2022. Engels wrote that it was important for the organization to consider how things went earlier in the year, describing that process as "thorough" and "[involving] discussions with players and coaching staff". The response to this question was concluded with the hope that the main squad would be back in action as soon as possible.

How will main roster promotions be determined?

Engels stressed the importance of Evil Geniuses' supportive staff, such as the coaching and data team, in making any decisions regarding the main lineup. Engels followed that up by saying, while having to take things like roster lock rules into consideration, the primary goal for the main team is to have the strongest players when competing in top events.

These questions are just some of the most notable asked throughout the hour-long Q&A. Those interested in reading Danny Engel's responses to other questions can find them on the Evil Geniuses CS:GO Twitter account, here.

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