MaestrO finds a LAN victory with Gamefest Rejects

Gamefest Rejects accept victory in DreamHack Atlanta BYOC #2

And thankfully there were no ties to get confused about.

While the professional tournament remained in play and after the first BYOC tournament came to a close, the second BYOC tournament at DreamHack Atlanta kicked off, with a $2,000 prize pool akin to the first tournament. The second tournament took place on short notice due to the event's Dota 2 tournament being cancelled.

While information regarding the quarterfinals are sparse, one of the known competitiors were Dignitas fe, who took on Gamefest Rejects. Gamefest Rejects took the early lead in the series after securing the first map of Mirage 16-12. The next map saw the female side rebound with an early 13-2 lead on Train, before being reverse swept by Gamefest Rejects, who took the map into overtime and took the map 19-15, eliminating Dignitas fe and moving them onto the semifinals.

The first semifinal saw Gamefest Rejects taking on Cat Squad in a best-of-three series kicking off on Mirage, where Gamefest Rejects handily found a 16-7 win, securing them the first map of the series. Michael "MaestrO" Bulostin and co. found the second map of the series on Inferno, taking the map 16-8 and closing the series 2-0, moving them to the grand finals.

On the other end of the bracket, Georgia Tech clashed with radialis, with the collegiate team ultimately coming out on top, after falling short in the previous BYOC tournament in Atlanta.

In the ensuing third place match, Cat Squad quickly found a 16-9 win on Dust2, followed by a 16-2 roll on Mirage, giving them the series 2-0 and the third place finish at the BYOC tournament.

In the grand final, Gamefest Rejects and Georgia Tech duked it out for the $1,000 first place prize. The collegiate team struck first on their pick of Overpass, taking the first map 16-11. The rejects rebounded on Cache, edging out the map 16-14 and taking the series to the decider map of Inferno. On Inferno, slight's squad overthrew Georgia Tech, taking the last map 16-12 and securing the grand finals 2-1.

The top four of the DreamHack Atlanta BYOC tournament were:

1. United States Gamefest Rejects (MaestrO, nitsuA, BrianD-, GUADELUPE, slight) - $1,000
2. United States Georgia Tech (d4nny, chris, Pyon, sfp, LUCAS) - $750
3-4. United States Cat Squad (Derrick, bengy, Jeremy, Laserrr, Shrimply) - $250
3-4. United States radialis (Yuffi3, Heathen, Energise, squeals, JOKE)
5-8. United States Dignitas fe (EMUHLEET, artStar, rain, milk, CAth)

The full results of the tournament are available here.

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cool that they held a second CSGO tournament instead of outright cancelling. does anyone know why their Dota 2 tournament was cancelled?
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