dephh is hopeful he will get to participate in a Major hosted in his home country

dephh: "stanislaw's calling style is something I really enjoy playing under"

compLexity's resident Brit shared some insight on the younger members of his squad, and how he hopes to join smooya in London.

Our resident Brit Michael "DuckMoriarty" Moriarty had a chance to talk to his countryman about the roster's progress shortly after compLexity's victory over FURIA in the opening match of Group B.

You've just taken the first win of your group at the Minor against FURIA, how does it feel starting off on the right foot?

I think our mindset with the team right now is just minimizing mistakes. We watched the demos back from the previous LANs and it is just the little rounds and the little mistakes and the situationals that are really screwing us over. It's nice to actually play the team we lost to [last weekend] and have minimal mistakes, and still win pretty convincingly. Our CT halves on Cache have always been good, so we showed that here. It is nice to be able to do that at an event.

You mentioned playing the team you lost to at ZOTAC, surely your convincing win here shows that you can progress as a team and keep moving forward, and are confident moving further?

A lot of the outside of the game stuff is good. Our comms are really good right now, the general mindsets are pretty good. It was just the in-game mistakes that were costing us. It is nice we can watch the demos, and it feels like we are prepared for this event.

There's no team here that we can't beat, and our group is pretty nice. I can see us beating the winner of Dignitas and Rogue, and just getting the playoff spot.

You mentioned mistakes earlier, there were a couple times in the first half where you gave away some freebies. What was going through your minds at that point, were you worried?

I can't remember their eco specifically, but the 1v3 was — we actually comm'ed really well and it was settled well, but unfortunately he killed ANDROID before he killed stanislaw.

We settled the round perfectly, we should have won, it was just another slight mistake. Those are the ones we are trying to cut down. Rounds like that, the eco rounds, stuff that is always breaking our economy. It is actually really nice to have guns and have enough money to play out the rounds like we want to.

yay had a pretty explosive showing, all in all. Being able to have a teammate who can perform at that sort of level in games where you really need it, how much of a help is that?

Well, we know from online that yay is incredible. His aim is insane and he is improving as a player everyday. He is one of those guys that is just full confidence. We're really working on just supporting him and making sure he is confident, and that is the sort of thing that can happen when he is like that. When he is on fire and has a had a good first half, he doesn't stop fragging.

It is really great to see him doing well, obviously he is very inexperienced and he hasn't been to many events. It is really bright to see that he can perform like that. I think it is the team environment right now that is helping push that forward. I hope he continues playing well like that, and if we support ANDROID and ShahZaM, there's no team at this event we can't beat.

ShahZaM and stanislaw have been part of the team for a few months, how much have you seen yourselves progress in that short space of time?

I think myself, ANDROID and yay have all learned a large amount from those two. They are very experience players, stanislaw's calling style is something I really enjoy playing under. He likes doing strat-based stuff, but also mixing in puggy quick rounds and contact plays. I feel like we're only going to get better and better, especially if the young guys can keep fragging like the way they have done.

You next match will be against the winner of Rogue and Dignitas, how prepared are you for that game, and who would you prefer to play against?

I think obviously we'd prefer to play Dignitas. Just because we feel they are the weaker team, they are very new together. But either one, we've played online a ton of times, we know how they play, we know their tendencies. Hopefully we can just get the map we want, because our map pool is pretty deep right now. If we get a good map and a good start, I'm sure we'll be off to the playoffs.

Finally, you're playing the Minor from the same location as the Major will be held later this year. Do you believe that is a good step, having it all located in the same place?

Yeah, I mean, this event has been awesome. From the staff, the setting, the computers, the 24-hour practice rooms, this event has been great. And London is a great city. I'd like to come back to Britain and play at a Major, I think that is what all players aspire to. Especially if I can play a Major in my home country, that would be awesome for me.

So smooya won't be the first British player to play at a Major?

Yeah, no, it can't be just smooya. I have to get there to. Imagine, two Brits at a Major, that would be pretty unheard of.

What has happened to the UK CS meme?

The meme is dying, slowly, but surely.

compLexity are set to face NRG in the second semifinal of day 3, with their match set to kick off at 2 PM EDT.

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