Chaos Train B Bombsite Execute
August 16, 2020 05:31PM

Chaos vs Mythic
ESEA MDL Season 34 NA Playoffs Upper Bracket Final

Chaos with a 5 Player execute on the B Bombsite on de_train. They smoke Connector, in-between Red and Yellow Train, and Upper. Next, they throw 3 mollies that cover back White Train, Summit, and in-between Bomb Train and White Train. The mollies spread and cover the whole lane in-between Bomb Train and White Train. Then flashes are thrown. Xeppaa and vanity entry out Ramp and kill a blind Polen. They advance up Sidewalk, clear site, and make further progression all behind the cover of the Connector and Red/Yellow smokes. steel is behind them holding the Connector smoke jump up and then watches Flank. leaf with bomb and Jonji come out upper behind the cover of the smoke. leaf drops down and kills Keiti back Lanes and then plants Default. Jonji stays Upper and watches Flank. C0M tries sneaking through Upper Ramp but as the smoke fades, Jonji catches him. Mythic are in a 2v5 and opt to save.
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