Who do you think is going to the Major?
September 6, 2022 05:11PM
Alright so we finally have the list of all the 16 teams in the Americas RMR. There's only 6 spots, who do you think makes it?

My choices: Liquid, FURIA, Squirtle Squad, Complexity, MIBR, EG.

Liquid and FURIA are by far the best. I like the name squirtle squad (if they change their name I'm replacing them with Imperial). Complexity have mullet energy so they can't lose, MIBR have HEN1 now who is gonna drop 1.60 rating through the RMR and EG have 20 players so they win by sheer numbers (also autimatic GOAT).

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September 6, 2022 05:43PM
I don't like how you're sleeping on Imperial. Adding chelo was huge tbh
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September 6, 2022 06:27PM
I am
i am going to qualify for the major
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September 6, 2022 08:07PM
But also Liquid, Furia, Pain, EG, Col, Imperial (or 00Nation)
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September 7, 2022 04:57AM
EG has a reasonable doable run hopefully they make it
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June 30, 2023 06:30PM
Good day. It's quite an interesting tournament, I've always been rooting for Navi. Since childhood, I love cs go and still play it.
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