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November 8, 2018 08:06AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Just got the logitech g pro wireless and its nuts. Used to use an EC2-A, but I think I'm switching to the g pro for good now. What mice are yall using.
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November 8, 2018 04:27PM
Had EC2-A , broke , G403 now , i finally got used to it's shape but i still miss the EC2-A a lot.
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November 9, 2018 06:15PM
FK1+ but getting GPW soon

it's like $250 in canada though big yikes
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November 10, 2018 10:33AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Oof that is a big yikes. I paid 150 freedom dollars, and I feel like it was worth it. I would prolly wait for a sale tho if its 250 maple bucks tho.
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