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aye man i respect the opinion, im not immune to real life things and my delivery/decision making process wasnt always clear.

ive moved.
that is not an issue anymore.

its liiit
Very excited to be playing with some of my best friends in this game. Have won LANs and had lots of awesome real life experience with brax & dapr. Pollo is also a good friend of mine outside of the game, and while I don't really know AZK yet in that aspect, from past online interactions with him dating all the way back to our CS:S days he was always a pleasure to talk to.

It is also an exciting prospect to be AWPing again, after a long hiatus from the gun I am excited to give the AWP journey another go and see how far I can push myself this time. I have absolute faith in my teammates to set me up and I hope to be able to open & close rounds for them going forward.

For the last 5 or so months, I was real with myself in what I wanted and what would truly get me to play my A-game again, and came to the conclusion that it was being apart of a squad that could truly be described as elite. I thought I had that feeling before in CS:GO, but I really believe that now I have the capacity to check the scoreboard, see the names of the players on my team, and that alone wills me to play my absolute best (especially since I hit TAB a lot lol).

We still have lots of work to do, and we don't have a lot of breathing room as the record I entered the team with essentially means we cannot more than one match if we want to be safe in terms of a playoff berth. The competition this season is stiff, but all of my teammates have already proven after just one day of practice that we are all on the same level of self-motivation and all have the same goal in mind. It's so satisfying for that to be established not only so early, but automatically. No one had to be amped up to start putting in the extra dirty work already, everyone expects nothing but the best of themselves and each other and that is what excites me the most.

I have never been on a squad of this callibre in my career in CS:GO, and I am determined to see just how far we can push this thing. Maybe I'm a little biased and/or hopeful, but I think it's a lot farther than anyone - including ourselves - thinks it will be.

also shoutout to my first post on dust2, didnt know this was already released joe cmon ya gotta tell me these things!!