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Danish ‘Nohte’ Allana
Name: Danish Allana
Level: Hangaround
Nick: Nohte
Comments: 61
Member since: 29-08-2017
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It's "Note"
I do NA coverage for HLTV, and write about it over here at

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I think oNe have a shot at it considering Swole are playing without brax, but Bravado should take their matchup.

Gave you a cake btw.
Relates to a team we covered recently at WESG USA Regional Finals, makes sense to follow up on a story of one of the players leaving the team after the event. Not being able to see why we cover stories and just reacting because "ew 6-10 IM team" shows a lack of being able to follow narratives. Not that I'm talking about you, but there's a number of reasons to cover this story, especially on a slow day.
I know you're looking for more sites that talk about your team, but we're not quite there yet