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Danish ‘Nohte’ Allana
Name: Danish Allana
Level: Hangaround
Nick: Nohte
Comments: 72
Member since: 29-08-2017
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It's "Note"
I do NA coverage for HLTV, and write about it over here at

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Closest I can find is at the bottom of this page:

"The NCS takes the form of four tiers: Academy, Minor, Major, and The Grand Finals. Players of all skill levels may attend Academy events, which offer free or low-cost competition, in order to earn NCS points, develop skills, win small prizes, and build community relationships. NCS points can be accrued through frequency of attendance and from the outcome of their competitions to provide players the opportunity to earn free entry into (and sometimes travel to) the larger Minors and Majors tournaments."
They don't have 3/5. Due to Zellsis replacing Golden, he takes his spot on the roster. This happened when zonic had to replace dupreeh two years ago as well.
Dear rustyjame5,

That doesn't mean that this roster didn't debut without steel in this qualifier. You're not saying anything new, and that was covered in the original story.