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Villainous Academy win ESEA 2077 5v5 Cup as beep boop bop bop
Mr. Krabs would be proud of the ESEA Main side.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    March 18th 2021 2:19 pm    #ESEA #ESEA2077Cup #beepboopbopbop #Global #Cyberstorm #Draskid #VillainousAcademy #PeekersAdvantage  

ESEA offered a 5v5 bracket for skin prizes this past weekend that saw an 11-5 ESEA Main side, Villainous Academy, best two ESEA Advanced teams, Cyberstorm and Global, en route to an ESEA 2077 win. The event allowed teams to choose between versions of Vertigo, Overpass, or Mirage that were designed to appear as though they were a mashup between CS:GO and Cyberpunk 2077.

Premier Recap Week 7 - Mythic head to playoffs; Bad News Bears end regular season undefeated

A number of familiar faces from ESEA Premier and ESEA Advanced participated in the event. The Mythic contingent of Erik "fl0m" Flom and David "DAVEY" Stafford represented the Peeker's Advantage banner, while Wesley "viz" Harris of Triumph popped into the server with viz florida nation. Dave "seziwana" Schrage and Max "Makzwell" Sparrey were on the roster for Draskid, the former having spent time with ImPerium this season and the latter playing for HeadShotKings.

goomba stomp featured duos from Third Impact and Rise, while Ryze's money crew was comprised of two players each from GGPR and SKDC, plus Dylan "SATURN" Finch from Recon 5. Tea Party included three Premier players, two from ImPerium and one from Rise. Finally, the majority of the rosters from Cyberstorm and Big Chillin competed together, the latter as sk8r boyz.

Rise confirm LAJT as coach

Villainous Academy snuck out a 16-13 win over Cyberstorm in the first semifinal on Overpass 2077. "jBa" went frag for frag with Nicholas "nicholasP" Plonski as both led their respective teams with 28 eliminations. Global easily defeated Draskid in the second semifinal 16-5 on Mirage 2077, led by Andrew "Tender" C's 28 kills. The most that anyone on Draskid mustered with Makzwell with 18 eliminations.

Inseaniac replaces Poison on GGPR

Villainous Academy had a much easier time in the grand final than they did in their semifinal match, decisively beating Global 16-8 on Mirage 2077. Nickolas "g0ne^" Orescanin and Chase "Aezy" Hooker carried the load for the Main side in their final match of the event with 26 and 24 kills, respectively, while Noah "BomberZzZ" Cascio led Global with 18 frags in the loss.

The final standings for ESEA 2077 are:

1st      - us Villainous Academy (Cakes, -JBa, g0ne^, Aezy, ShikeZ) - (BS) AK-47 Neon Rider
2nd    - ca Global (jsfeltner, jayy, sup3rant, Tender, BomberZzZ) - (MW) MAC-10 Neon Rider
3-4th - us Cyberstorm (Shmite, msc, zTripa, ptk, nicholasP) - (FN) USP-S Cyrex
3-4th - nam Draskid (sezi, Florence, Handle, Makzwell, Pol0) - (FN) USP-S Cyrex

The remainder of ESEA's special event calendar for the month of March can be found here.

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