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ex-Cloud9 reverse sweep Yeah to win Mustache Masters Season 2
The upset of the tournament was Big Chillin decimating New England Whalers.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    November 16th 2020 9:34 am    #MustacheMasters #exCloud9 #NewEnglandWhalers #Yeah #BigChillin #ClubConflictRingers #DarfHorse #GreenWallGang #HandlebarHarries #HardKaries2 #Hc #HornyHomies #MichiganTech #Orion #PeeingInShowerIsntMultitasking #PeekersAdvantageACAD #RicefieldScrimmers  

Mustache Masters Season 2, Rush B Media's charity event for men's health and the Movember Foundation, has concluded and ex-Cloud9 have been crowned champions after a 2-1 victory over Yeah in the grand final.

Mustache Masters Season 2 announced

At the conclusion of the stream the event had raised $25,135, not including merchandise sales, which makes it currently the single highest individual fundraiser for the Movember Foundation in the United States this year. Sunday's stream featured's very own Joe "tolkienfanatic" Cardali and Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore as guests.

When it came to noteworthy action in the server Hc snagged a map off of ex-Cloud9 and Big Chillin put together a convincing lower bracket run to secure third place in the event. They beat Peeker's Advantage Academy and Conflict Ringers before they ran into New England Whalers.

The 16-2 scoreline might have been less surprising to some had the teams been flipped, but Big Chillin absolutely dismantled Whalers on Vertigo in what was undoubtedly the surprise result of the tournament. Michael "Munk" Klotz led the way with 23 kills in just eighteen rounds as Big Chillin eliminated Whalers in the best-of-one series. The ESEA Advanced side would go on to beat Logan "Voltage" Long and Michigan Tech in their subsequent match before bowing out to ex-Cloud9 in the lower bracket final.

ex-Cloud9 add Infinite; set to continue playing with oSee

Yeah enjoyed a 1-0 default lead in the grand final following their upper bracket success, leaving ex-Cloud9 with a tall task ahead, though it was one that they were up for.

ex-Cloud9 were quick to even up the series with a 16-8 win on Nuke. The American and South African hybrid roster jumped out to a 9-6 halftime lead before conceding the second half pistol and subsquent round to Yeah. But that was as close as it got for the South Americans as they were powerless to stop ex-Cloud9 from rattling off seven straight rounds to close the map and force a decider on Inferno. Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and Gage "Infinite" Green led the way with 22 kills apiece for ex-Cloud9 in the win.

ex-Cloud9 would complete the reverse sweep and avenge their loss to Yeah on Inferno in the upper bracket final with a 16-11 victory to win the series and the event. Yeah kept things close and were only down 8-7 at the break, but ex-Cloud9 wouldn't allow them to string together any rounds in the second half as Aran "Sonic" Groesbeek's 32 kills were too much for the Brazilian side to handle.

Sonic was named MVP of the event and will receive a customized Mustache Masters mouse in addition to the HyperX headsets that all of the members of ex-Cloud9 will be receiving.

Yeah, GSG9, GGPR, SKDC advance to S35 Advanced upper bracket semi-finals

The final standings for Mustache Masters 2020 are:

  • 1st -      us ex-Cloud9 (JT, motm, oSee, Sonic, Infinite) - HyperX Cloud Alphas
  • 2nd -    br Yeah (RCF, f4stzin, dumau, Swisher, bew) - Custom team jerseys
  • 3rd -     us Big Chillin (Munk, dvl, Xzen, Elk, jDubs) - $50 LocalHost gift cards
  • 4th -     us Michigan Tech (Voltage, Cleanslate, DeadO, Koi, retnuH)
  • 5-6th - us New England Whalers (PwnAlone, djay, Rampage, ben1337, Bwills)
  • 5-6th - us Hc (swifty, ga-be, doltn, Cyrix, Spear)
  • 7-8th - us Orion (TH0R, Rh0, STRiiDER, aleph, Ninjamj10)
  • 7-8th - us Club Contact Ringers (masfats, blood, Niv3K, AWFUL, ShanJ) 

The full bracket can be found here.

The donation page for the Mustache Masters Movember efforts can be found here and will remain open through the end of the month. Members of the CS:GO community can also purchase limited edition merchandise to support the cause here.

Cloud9 terminate contracts of JT, motm, Sonic, and T.c for COVID-19 contract violations

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