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Third Impact take WINNERS League Season 4 Main Division
Lethal Divide add a runner-up finish to their qualification for ESEA MDL Relegation earlier this week.
Written by: theroadtodrwaldo    July 19th 2020 12:19 pm    #WinnersLeague #WLS4 #ThirdImpact #LethalDivide #NorthernForce #Supernova #Grazur #ImPerium #tNt #Valkyrie  

violent and Lethal Divide gave Third Impact a run for their money, but fell a few rounds short

The WINNERS League Season 4 Main Division has concluded and Third Impact have earned themselves an invitation to the Invite Division for Season 5.

Chaos best Triumph in WINNERS League Season 4 Invite grand final

Unlike the quick 2-0 that Third Impact dished out in ESEA Advanced playoffs, the grand final for the Main Division title was a back-and-forth slugfest that went the distance. Third Impact would eventually emerge triumphant following a thirty-round decider on Vertigo.

The final standings for WINNERS League Season 4 Main Division are:

1. us Third Impact (tconnors, DaneJoris, JoJo, viz, insane) - $2,500, WINNERS League Season 5 Invite Division
2. us Lethal Divide (dare, shane, KEL, snav, violent) - $1,200
3-4. us Northern Forces (hate, SkrubWrecker, Alvin, Nox, BeaKie) - $800
3-4. us Supernova (koalanoob, RoyalG, f1ukie, Fade, RsN) - $800
5-8. us Valkyrie (Irish, farg, Zynxx, MIKADO, Gulu) - $200
5-8. us tNt (HorAig9000, shawstree, Eley, panda$ex, Nostra) - $200
5-8. us ImPerium (carterJ, Ellison, heretic, Wilky, Burt^) - $200
5-8. us Grazur (1Kyle, Makzwell, doltn, Drewtheshrew, ProPhet) - $200

The playoff bracket in its entirety can be found here.

Third Impact will look to carry this momentum into their ESEA Advanced Season 34 grand final matchup against Thunder Logic on Monday at 9:30PM EDT.

Remaining Advanced playoff teams locked in for MDL Season 34 Relegation

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