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ESEA Advanced Season 34 Mid-Season Power Ranking
29 out of 38 respondents ranked RBG as the #1 team in the division.
Written by: Mnmzzz    June 2nd 2020 9:58 pm    #ESEAAS34 #RBG #BigChillin #ThunderLogic #Supernova #AddiceInc #Kinship #AerialAscend #ImPerium #Prospects #Third Impact reached out to 36 ESEA Advanced Season 34 players and two casters to determine the top ten teams in the division. Based on their input, the number one team in the league by a large margin is RBG, with the team recieving 71 more points than their nearest competition, Big Chillin.

Mythic Invite League swaps three; Mythic, Big Chillin, and Rise are in

Here are the top ten ESEA Advanced Season 34 rosters based on their performance and rosters as of May 31st:

Team Avg. Score Total Points Record
 ca RBG 9.16 348 8-0
 us Big Chillin 7.29 277 7-1
 us Thunder Logic 5.95 226 8-2
 us Supernova 5.84 222 7-2
 us Addice Inc 3.31 125 7-1
 us Kinship 3.05 116 8-1
 us Aerial Ascend 2.21 84 7-2
 us ImPerium 1.71 65 7-2
 us Prospects 1.6 61 6-4
 us Third Impact 1.6 61 5-4

Here's a summary of how the ranking system works:

Each respondent was given a list of the top 30 teams currently in ESEA Advanced Season 34. From this list they ranked each team from 1st-10th with first place receiving ten points, second place receiving nine points, and so on. After polling was closed the scores were totaled and averaged. Note that this ranking does not consider roster changes or results after May 31st, due to the majority of responses being received before that date.

Kinship, Grazur, and Supernova sign new rosters; SKDC and Fine Wine make changes

It does not come as much of a surprise that RBG managed to claim the top spot in our standings, with the Canadian-majority lineup having spent most of the season in first place. One potential factor contributing to their success is the overall longevity of their roster, with the lineup being assembled back in August 2019, with the team nearing ten months without a roster change, something almost unheard of in Advanced. With a lineup made up of consistently strong performers, it will be interesting to see if they can make it all the way and claim a spot in ESEA MDL Season 35.

Big Chillin are another team who narrowly missed out on Relegation last season following a close loss to Serac, and they appear to be on course to rectify that mistake. As of May 31st, the team boasted a 7-1 record in the division, notably claiming wins over SKDC and Prospects. Currently, they are the highest ranked lineup without an organization backing them, something that has become increasingly uncommon as a number of unsigned Advanced players have made the move over to VALORANT. Additionally, while it was after the cutoff for the current ranking, last night's victory over RBG cannot be understated as the team appear to be a strong contender to win this season.

Thunder Logic managed to narrowly claim the third place spot over Supernova in our rankings, with the demoted MDL squad making a strong case for their return to the division. After losing Nathan "rabbit" Beale to Eclipse and bringing in Brian "Brian2K" Ladron De Guevara, they have had strong performances over some of the top teams in the division. However, upset losses to Rise and Soham "valens" Chowdhury's Savage raise questions about their ranking especially as they have difficult matches scheduled this week against RBG and Big Chillin.

Third Impact add viz and insane; COVID-5 swap contii for aris

After spending the first half of the season in a state of flux, Supernova (formerly known as COVID-5) have seemingly found their footing with the addition of George "Powerzz" Yaede. Since then, the team have claimed one-sided victories over Grazur, Big Chillin, and Rise, with Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk in particular being a standout player for the team. The sudden departure of Bobby "stamina" Eitrem on June 1st has the potential to shake things up, but this team look to a clear contender to finish at the top of the division. 

While Addice Inc is not a household name for North American CS:GO fans, for longtime followers of MDL, their strong performance is no surprise. Their roster consists entirely of ex-MDL players from Season 27, with the project being helmed by Jacob "SPERMY" Younan. While the team certainly has the pedigree to be a top playoff contender, they haven't been thoroughly challenged in the regular season thus far so it’s worth noting things may change once they face off against higher ranked competition.

Kinship's rise is one of the more surprising "rags to riches" stories in Advanced this season, as the core narrowly survived relegation from Advanced in Season 33 following a disastrous 6-10 season. While they currently boast a strong 8-1 record, there are small cracks showing in their long-term prospects for success. Like Addice Inc, many of their matches so far this season have been against lower ranked Advanced sides including Fine Wine and CLG Red. Additionally, in their eight appearances this season they have used ten different players, suggesting that their mileage may vary once they settle on a starting five. However, their current lineup includes a number of strong players including Koby "kobruh" Higgs, with the player boasting a stellar 108.52 ADR this season.

Xeppaa causes Chaos in May player ranking

Aerial Ascend's sixth place spot is a bit of a surprise as the squad had relatively flat performances in Season 32 and 33; however, they have already surpassed their prior Advanced outings with a 7-2 record. With a majority of the team's players having never made Advanced playoffs, It will be worth keeping an eye on this lineup as they are seemingly a dark horse candidate for playoffs though like previously mentioned teams they are yet to be seriously tested.

ImPerium are in the same position as Aerial Ascend, with a strong record so far but without serious challenges outside of a victory over Prospects. The vote of confidence from their fellow Advanced players certainly make them another interesting outside bet, but more challenging matches in the next two weeks will serve as a trial by fire for this squad's long-term chances of making playoffs.

Oceanus sign Rugratz

Prospects sharing a ninth place with Third Impact comes as a bit of a surprise as the team are playing as a pug while the majority of the roster focuses on VALORANT. However, the sudden departure of their top performer Lucas "CutzMeretz" Freitas raises questions about their long-term ability to stay above .500. 

Third Impact round out the top ten and tie at 61 points with Prospects, with the duo finishing just four points ahead of Rise. Their addition is one of the most interesting as it represents a massive jump from their league placing to their perceived position by Advanced players, jumping from 24th to 10th place. The pre-season addition of Wesley "viz" Harris has largely been a success, while Noah "insane" Eheart has struggled, currently sitting at a 65.38 ADR. Their strongest performer, Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez, will need to continue with his strong form if Third Impact look to break away from the crowd and find a spot in playoffs. 

A number of notable teams narrowly missed out on the top ten, with the eleventh-fifteenth place spots being filled by Rise, Savage, eRa Eternity, Lethal Divide, and SKDC. SKDC not making top ten is the most interesting omission, as Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's lineups have made the last three seasons of Advanced playoffs and currently have a respectable 6-4 record.

This season's playoffs will be of particular importance and interest for the tier three North American scene as a number of MDL sides have neglected to practice and take the game seriously following the release of VALORANT, with some even contemplating disbanding after this season. As a result, this offers a unique opportunity for Advanced teams to break through into ESEA's top division.

Rank S Recap - oNe clean up once again

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