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wippie leaves Rugratz; tweiss rejoins starting lineup
The Russian player is looking for a new home after five matches with Rugratz.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 28th 2020 11:10 pm    #ESEAMDLS34 #Rugratz #Hunter #penny #zander #Tweiss #mada #wippie  

Maxim "wippie" Shepelev has left Rugratz after a month with the team, telling that he wants to play with a more serious lineup moving forward. As a result, Tyler "tweiss" Weiss has rejoined the starting five for Rugratz's upcoming matches.

wippie takes over as Rugratz's fifth; tweiss to stay on as backup

wippie first linked up with Rugratz on May 5th during their ESEA MDL Season 34 match against Under 21, joining the PUG squad after being invited by the team's in-game leader Alexander "zander" Diaz. During his five matches with the team, wippie was Rugratz's highest rated player, putting up a 1.35 rating.

With wippie out of the lineup, Rugratz are now:

  • us Joshua "Hunter" Madore
  • ca Erik "penny" Penny
  • us Alexander "zander" Diaz
  • ca Adam "mada" Pampuch
  • us Tyler "tweiss" Weiss

Rugratz's next match is set for June 1st in Mythic Invite League against Big Frames at 9PM EDT.

tweiss rejoins Rugratz (for the sixth time)

#1 DiSCO
2020-05-28 23:14
this can't be real life
#2 parks2214
2020-05-28 23:17
Tweiss is the NA chrisj
2020-05-28 23:35
-tweiss +tweiss -tweiss +tweiss -tweiss +tweiss -tweiss +tweiss
#4 DiSCO
2020-05-28 23:43
i think ur missing a couple
#5 006_tv
2020-05-29 12:09
time for tweiss to get kicked again
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