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Prospects, RBG, Super Nova fall to lower bracket after first round of Advanced playoffs
While it was smooth sailing for the majority of top teams, a number of squads now find themselves in danger of early elimination.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 20th 2020 7:59 pm    #ESEAAS33 #BuffdaddysPaypalTeam #Faint #ETHEREAL #RBG #PolarAce #PolarAceSouth #Prospects #DogsofWar #Front #Rise #ThirdImpact #Savage #SuperNova #SKDC  

The first round of the ESEA Advanced Season 33 playoffs bracket has concluded seeing a number of notable teams stumble in their opening matchups, with the most notable upset seeing fourth seed RBG fall to Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's SKDC in a close 2-1 series.

shinobi steps in as Rise's sensei

Elsewhere in the bracket, Third Impact advanced into round two following a close 2-0 win over Lux while Polar Ace South crushed Lavender, only letting the 24th seed team win eleven rounds. Sister team Polar Ace also had an easy opening match against Precision, setting up the possibility of an organization grudge match down the line.

The next two notable series saw Dogs of War and Front best PDHM and RAIJIN respectively, but not before the underdog lineups managed to take a map off each team.

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As previously mentioned, the first real upset of round one saw SKDC pull off a 2-1 victory over recent strong performer RBG, thanks in part to throwback performances from Derek "desi" Branchen and Todd "anger" Williams. In a surprisingly flat performance, Soham "valens" Chowdhury's Savage were crushed by Kinship Black, with the team only conceding eleven rounds before sending the Major-winning coach's squad into the lower bracket.

Continuing on, another veteran lineup was sent into the lower bracket early as Josh "JoshRT" Lee's Prospects dropped a 2-1 series to collegiate team UCF Knights. UCF Knights' lineup notably contains former CLG Academy player Tyler "Char" Wallace with him and Brian "BlueSky" Wortman being the driving force behind their team's victory.

Rounding out the list of notable results in the first round, Rise managed to take down Super Nova after a very close three-map series. Rise recently got a bump to their tactical prowess thanks to Josh "shinobi" Abastado, who has been coaching the team while also playing for Monstars.

Bibby returns as head coach of Bulgarian team FATE

The second round of the playoffs is set to kick off tonight with the upper bracket looking as follows:

us Buffdaddys PayPal Team  vs us Third Impact
us Polar Ace South vs  us Serac
ca Polar Ace  vs us Dogs of War
us Front vs us SKDC
us ETHEREAL vs us Kinship Black
us Trivium vs us timbermen
us Big Chillin vs us UCF Knights
us Rise vs us Faint

And the lower bracket is as follows, with these matches determining who will be exiting playoffs early:

us 303 vs us Lux
us Lavender vs  us Hot Ass
us Precision    vs us PDHM
us RAIJIN  vs us RBG
us Neko Paradise vs us Savage
us Xternal vs ca Dans ta yuele
us AdAstra vs us Prospects
us Super Nova vs us utopiaN

The full bracket can be found here.

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