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Divine and Mythic top third Americas Minor NA open qualifier
Recon 5 headed into the series against Mythic with a map one default loss due to scheduling conflicts with FLASHPOINT.
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 10th 2020 12:50 am    #ESLOneRio2020 #Divine #Mythic #Recon5 #RapGang #wrath #stellar #C0M  

wrath put up a 1.28 rating in his first outing with Divine

The third qualifier for ESL One Rio has concluded, with Divine and Mythic advancing to the closed qualifier over Rap Gang and Recon 5.

MDL quartet through to third ESL One Rio qualifier semis

Divine started off their series against Rap Gang on Dust2, with Brenden "stellar" McGrath leading the way for his team to decisively take the map 16-8.

Moving onto Overpass, Rap Gang started their T-side up 4-1 before Divine ran away with the half, outpacing their opposition to win their CT-side 9-6. After switching sides, a massive performance from Justin "FaNg" Coakley paved the way for his team to put up an ironclad defense, only allowing Divine three more rounds before taking the map 16-9.

With the series tied up, Rap Gang seemingly ran out of steam as stellar once again powered his team to a crushing 16-6 win on Inferno to claim a spot in the closed qualifier.

Americas Minor North America Open Qualifier 3 - ESL One Rio 2020
Best of three maps
Rap Gang
1 - 2
de_dust2 8 - 16 de_dust2
de_overpass 16 - 12 de_overpass
de_inferno 6 - 16 de_inferno

Recon 5 and Ze Pug Godz to FLASHPOINT North America Closed Qualifier

The series between Mythic and Recon 5 started off with Mythic receiving a default map win over Recon 5 due to the team running late because of the third FLASHPOINT qualifier.

Once Recon 5 arrived on the server, they started Dust2 off by conceding the first three rounds in a row on their CT-side before finding their rhythm to win the next nine rounds in a row. The half ended with Mythic closing the gap to trail by three rounds. On their defensive front, Mythic once again won the opening pistol before Recon 5 regained their earlier momentum to win the map 16-11. 

With the two teams tied up, they started off Vertigo on even terms, with Recon 5 narrowly winning their T-side 8-7. Moving onto their CT-side, Recon 5 kept up the pressure as they were the first to find double digits after winning four out of the first five rounds. However, their luck quickly ran out as Mythic rallied to claim the next eight rounds in a row to win the map 16-12, thanks in part to a pivotal 1v5 bomb recovery and defense by Corbin "C0M" Lee.

Although Recon 5 failed to win the series, Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly notably had a standout performance, ending the series with a 1.62 rating.

Americas Minor North America Open Qualifier 3 - ESL One Rio 2020
Best of three maps
Recon 5
1 - 2
de_default de_default
de_dust2 16 - 11 de_dust2
de_vertigo 12 - 16 de_vertigo

The teams in the Americas Minor NA Closed Qualifier are currently:

us Chaos us Cloud9
us eUnited br FURIA
us Gen.G us Swole Identity
us Riot Squad us Triumph
us Envy us Rugratz
us Ze Pug Godz ca LiViD
us Divine us Mythic

The fianl qualifier for ESL One Rio will take place from February 12-13th. As always, refer to the Calendar for important dates.

retrQ leaves Recon 5

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