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Recon 5 and Ze Pug Godz to FLASHPOINT North America Closed Qualifier
The two teams triumphed over Big Frames and ETHEREAL to advance to the next stage of the qualifier.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    February 9th 2020 11:51 pm    #Recon5 #ZePugGodz #FLASHPOINT #Nohte #RussianStreetParty #Grazur #PolarAceNorth #ThirdImpact #retchy #ETHEREAL #Divine #stellar #Faint #SuperNova #Yeah #BigFrames #picky #Oceanus  

Hiko and Ze Pug Godz have reached another Closed Qualifier

The third North American FLASHPOINT qualifier has completed, seeing Recon 5 and Ze Pug Godz secure two spots in the Closed Qualifier.

Earlier in the bracket,' own Danish "Nohte" Allana and Russian Street Party were upset by Grazur in the second round of play. In the third round, Polar Ace North defeated Third Impact in a close 16-14 map.

New England Whalers, Asuna's Anime Aimers advance to FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier

The Round of 16 saw CLG Red and Dignitas fe exit the qualifier at the hands of Oceanus and Polar Ace North, respectively. The latter match was a nail-biter, seeing Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano's men claim the win in overtime.

Elsewhere, ETHEREAL defeated Infinity with the help of Divine's Brenden "stellar" McGrath, and Faint took down Super Nova 16-13.

Divine, LiViD, Polar Ace, Ze Pug Godz advance to second ESL One Rio qualifier semifinals

All four quarterfinals series went the distance, with Recon 5 defeating the Brazilians of Yeah, Big Frames and new addition Daniel "picky" Milazzo beating Oceanus, ETHEREAL knocking Faint out, and Ze Pug Godz putting Polar Ace North on ice.

The final series of the night were more perfunctory 2-0 victories for Recon 5 and Ze Pug Godz, who won over Big Frames and ETHEREAL, respectively.

us eUnited nam Envy
us Swole Identity us Chaos
us Riot Squad us Triumph
us Mythic us Rugratz
ca Orgless ca RBG
us Asuna's Anime Aimers us New England Whalers
us Recon 5 us Ze Pug Godz

The final FLASHPOINT open qualifiers will be held tomorrow, offering two more teams the chance to advance the Closed Qualifier.

Divine, LiViD, Polar Ace, Ze Pug Godz advance to second ESL One Rio qualifier semifinals

#1 Ari
2020-02-10 00:57
nice to see hiko gaming once again
#2 GameZ
2020-02-11 12:45

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