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MAC-1 gets the Gorilla Gang back together
MAC-1 and co. have recreated a second Gorilla Gang lineup after Clarity decided to disband.
Written by: Mnmzzz    February 4th 2020 10:15 pm    #ESEAAS33 #SPAMMER #kber #heaty #dolphy #ALEKSANDAR #aris #MAC-1 #tyfoon #roca #maazy #zetpic #GorillaGang #RapGang  

MAC-1 looks to pug out this season with his former teammates

Clarity have disbanded following a 2-3 start to the Advanced season, has learned. In the team’s place, Edward "kber" Vaudry and Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa have elected to stay together and bring on Marian "tyfoon" Lesnicand Jared "MAC-1" Schneider.

This move reunites the core of last season’s Gorilla Gang lineup that narrowly missed out on ESEA MDL Season 32 Relegation after losing to Oceanus in playoffs.

As a result of this change, MAC-1 has stepped down from his coaching position with Rap Gang, with both parties agreeing to mutually split due to MAC-1 expressing a lack of motivation to seriously commit to a team this season.

ALEKSANDAR gains Clarity

With one player needed to complete the lineup, Gorilla Gang are looking to bring on Daniel “roca” Gustaferri, but only if he is unable to find an MDL team to play with. In the event roca is unavailable, the team will likely use former Gorilla Gang alumni Carlos “maazy” Bandle or Nick “zeptic” Kaoud.

As a result, Gorilla Gang are now: 

  • ca Edward "kber" Vaudry
  • us Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa
  • us Jared "MAC-1" Schneider
  • ca Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic

Gorilla Gang are set to make their debut against CLG Red tomorrow, although the match may be pushed back as MAC-1 and tyfoon are yet to pay their league fees.

Swole Patrol and ex-Singularity set to join forces

#1 006_tv
2020-02-05 14:27
Here we go again
#2 DiSCO
2020-02-05 17:30
Edward "kber" Vaudry and Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa have elected to stay together and bring on Aleksandar "ALEKSANDAR" Hinojosa and Jared "MAC-1" Schneider.

makes sense
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