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Riot Squad part ways with weber
The British coach will be looking for a new home after five months with Riot Squad.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 28th 2020 6:35 pm     #RiotSquad #ptr #crashies #mitch #Jonji #weber #FNS  

The departure of weber is the latest in a large leadership change for the lineup

Riot Squad have lost another piece of their briefly top 30 lineup, announcing the departure of coach Brandon "weber" Weber.

Riot Squad part ways with FNS

weber had been a part of the lineup for the past five months, notably helping the team claim a second-place finish at ESEA MDL Season 32 Global Challenge, and a third-fourth place finish in WINNERS League Season 3 Invite. 

weber's departure from comes less than a week after Pujan "FNS"Mehta's left the team after the organization was unwilling to switch out a number of players including Peter "ptr" Gurney and Jonathan "Jonji" Carey.

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Additionally, ptr has stated in a reply to Mike "DarfMike" Winnick that he will be taking over IGL duties for the team moving forward. 

With the departure of weber, Riot Squad are now:

  • us Peter "ptr" Gurney
  • us Austin "crashies" Roberts
  • us Mitch "mitch" Semago
  • ca Jonathan "Jonji" Carey

Riot Squad currently have no events scheduled outside of potentially playing in ESEA MDL Season 33, which is set to begin on January 30th. At this time have been unable to confirm if Riot Squad will participate in the division. 

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2020-01-28 21:46
was i banned?
#3 Nohte
2020-01-28 23:01
No, site commenting just broke for a bit and was fixed.
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