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Recon 5 cut freshie as Asuna returns; look to add TenZ
Another MDL side would like to enlist the services of the benched Cloud9 player.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 12th 2020 11:04 am    #ESEAMDLS33 #Asuna #freshie #TenZ #RapGang #Kanpeki #castro #contii #zecK #Xeppaa  

TenZ may play MDL this season after all

Less than a week after leaving Recon 5 and joining Rap Gang, Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk has come full circle and rejoined his former team, while Adam "freshie" Paterson has been cut.

Additionally, Recon 5 are looking to add current Cloud9 streamer Tyson "TenZ" Ngo on loan as their fifth.

According to a tweet released from freshie showing chat logs between himself and Norman "contii" Yeung, the team decided to cut freshie as they wanted to bring back Asuna while also making room for TenZ. Additionally, contii said that the team believed freshie played too selfishly, and that they "came to the realization" they did not want to play with freshie long term.

Rap Gang reverse course and bring back Xeppaa

Sources close to Recon 5 tell that the team may not be able to secure the services of TenZ while also remaining tied to Recon 5, as Cloud9 allegedly  do not want to loan him to an organization. To go along with this, the team have renamed themselves "Asuna's Anime Aimers" on ESEA.

However, have also been informed that when Rap Gang looked to add TenZ, Cloud9 allegedly verbally agreed regardless of whether they joined a new organization or not.

With the addition of TenZ still up in the air, for the moment Recon 5 is:

  • us Eric "Kanpeki" Xu
  • ca Wayne "castro" Einarsson
  • us Norman "contii" Yeung
  • us Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk
  • us Addison "zecK" Gorzeck (Coach)

Luckily for Recon 5 the start of ESEA MDL Season 33 has been pushed at least a week, with matches set to start at the latest during the first week of February.

ESEA push back start of MDL

#1 honeybunch
2020-01-13 10:58
Hello good sir, you spelled agreed wrong with 3 e's!
#2 Mauisnake
2020-01-14 04:53
Informative write-up.
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