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MDL Season 32 regular season concludes; MAC-51 narrowly net eighth seed
After a marathon of matches in week nine, the eight teams heading to playoffs has been determined.
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INTZ have clinched the top seed in part thanks to yel, who ends the regular season with a 1.37 rating

The last day of the regular season for MDL Season 32 has come to an end, with eight teams clinching their spots in the playoffs. 

MDL Recap Week 8 - INTZ face final challenge in claiming perfect season

ESEA hasn't released the official standings for the regular season yet, but they will likely look as follows:

  1. br INTZ
  2. us Ben's Anime Team
  3. us Riot Squad
  4. br oNe
  5. us The Quest
  6. us Rugratz
  7. us Ascent
  8. us MAC-51
  9. us Monstars
  10. us Mythic
  11. ca LiViD
  12. us Big Frames
  13. us Rap Gang
  14. us Bushido Boyz
  15. us Peeker's Advantage
  16. us Just Swing
  17. us ATK
  18. us New Identity

boltz replaces DeStiNy on INTZ

After ten matches concluded last night and the dust settled, Brazilian squad INTZ managed to claim the first seed following an impressive 16-1 season.

Right below them with a 15-2 record is Ben's Anime Team, who managed to tear up the division after only forming in week five, while also having to play the first eight matches with coach Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman. They notably were responsible for causing INTZ's sole loss, taking down the Brazilians 16-10 on Mirage.

Rounding out the list of teams heading to playoffs is MAC-51, who ended the season with a 9-8 record. After finishing all of their games back in week eight, MAC-51's closest competition was Monstars and Mythic, but the two squads stumbled in the final week.

UPDATE: Complexity k0nfig-ure poizon-ous new roster

Towards the bottom of the standings are Bushido Boyz, Peeker's Advantage, and Just Swing. The prospect of facing relegation once again is a tough pill to swallow for Bushido Boyz, as after a decent start to the season they didn't manage to find a single win after week five after replacing Christopher "Swahn" Swahn with Nick "zeptic" Kaoud.

As for Peeker's Advantage, they finish the season with a 5-12 record. The team were put in a difficult situation, having to finish the season with coach Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg after losing a number of their best performers over the course of the season.

Divine release roster

The playoff bracket would be expected to look as such:

br INTZ -vs- us MAC-51
br oNe -vs- us The Quest
us Riot Squad -vs- us Rugratz
us Ben's Anime Team -vs- us Ascent

The MDL Season 32 playoffs are set to run from November 8th to the 10th and will offer four Global Challenge spots, as well as up to three potential spots in EPL next season. Additionally, this is the first season where MDL playoffs will be double-elimination, which has been a highly requested change in seasons past.

MDL Relegation is set to play out on a yet to be announced date, and assuming no MDL teams disband from now until then, it will feature the 14th-16th MDL teams alongside the 2nd-5th place Advanced teams and one potential invited team.

ESEA announce Season 32 Next Big Caster finalists

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