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ESEA announces Season 32 Next Big Caster contestants
This season's competition will see a total of 17 participants vie for five finalist spots.
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ESEA have announced the complete list of commentators that will be participating in Season 32 of their Next Big Caster competition.

ESEA announce Season 31 Next Big Caster finalists

The number of participants has increased from ten in the previous season to 17, with ESEA in turn raising the number of finalists from three to five. The 17 casters will be given access to the MDL broadcast GOTV links, commentating matches on their own channels over the coming weeks in hopes of earning a spot among the top five.

The five finalists will then be brought on to the ESEA MDL broadcast, where they will have the chance to cast alongside ESEA's team of casters and each other. As in past seasons, a community vote will then be created to decide which of the commentators will be crowned as ESEA's Next Big Caster, with the winner being flown out to MDL Global Challenge Season 32 to work on broadcast.

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A number of last season's contestants have returned for another shot, including Steven "HeartBreaker" Cropley, Gus "Upmind" Franco, and John "JRTTV" Tsoupanarias. The complete list of commentators can be found below.

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