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Team Katie overrun Team gMd in MDL All-Star Game
Katie drafted well as her teammates led the way for her to claim the 2-0 win over gMd's crew.
Written by: Mnmzzz    July 3rd 2019 12:05 am     #ESEA #ESEAMDLS31 #ESEAMDLS32 #gMd #floppy #oSee #Fadey #KiiroKami #Katie #ptr #crashies #alter #motm  

ptr was Team Katie's heaviest hitter in their 2-0 victory over Team gMd

The fourth iteration of the  seasonal MDL All-Star Game has come to an end, with the team led by Kaitlin "Katie" Boop besting Anthony "gMd' Guimond and co.

gMd and Katie set to captain MDL Season 31 All-Star Game

The series kicked off with Katie picking an all-American mixture of Riot Squad, BLITZKRIEG, and Party Astronauts players in the draft while gMd selected Singularity duo Ricky "floppy" Kemery and Josh "oSee" Ohm alongside  Rhys "Fadey" Armstrong and Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim.

ESEA announces Season 32 details; to offer EPL promotion

Cache began with Team gMd leading the way on their CT-side as oSee powered his team to  a strong 10-5 lead. However, once the two teams switched sides, it was time for Peter "ptr" Gurney to shine as he helped Team Katie reverse the flow of the game to take Cache 16-14.

On Mirage, Nick "alter" Jackson put up a stellar performance as Team Katie closed out their CT-side up 10-5. alter and ptr continued to chime in as Team Katie outpaced Team gMd to close out Mirage and the series with a 16-12 finish.

ESEA MDL Season 31 North America All-Star Game
Best of three maps
MDL All-Star gMd
0 - 2
MDL All-Star Katie
de_overpass 14 - 16 de_overpass
de_mirage 12 - 16 de_mirage
de_vertigo de_vertigo

The full rosters and prize winnings for the MDL Season 31 All-Star Game are:

1. us Team Katie (Katie, ptr, crashies, alter, motm) - $5,000
2. us Team gMd (gMd, floppy, oSee, Fadey, KiiroKami) - $1,250

Team boltz and Temperature give Team KSCERATO a heat check in MDL All-Star Game

Katie and alter also picked up another prize for winning the All-Star Game as ESEA Product Manager Mark "Boq" Wilson promoted the duo to Rank S following their win tonight.

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2019-07-03 17:06
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