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ESEA Advanced Season 31 reaches playoffs
LiViD and Big Frames secured the top two seeds after only dropping two matches over the entire season.
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The ESEA Advanced regular season has come to an end, with sixteen teams securing a spot in the playoffs. LiViD and Big Frames have secured the top seeds following dual 14-2 regular seasons. 

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The top 16 standings for the regular season are as follows:

Position Team Wins Losses
1. ca LiViD 14 2
2. us Big Frames 14 2
3. us Polar Ace 12 4
4. us Final Feature 12 4
5. us ETHEREAL 11 5
6. us heX 11 5
7. us Dogs of War 11 5
8. us iNTACT 10 6
9. us Front 10 6
10. ca On Lance 10 6
11. us Lowkey 10 6
12. us Just Swing 10 6
13. us absolute mad lads 10 6
14. us Good Game PR 10 6
15. us Strings' Llama Pack 10 6
16. us Crystal Vision 10 6

As such, the matchups for the round of sixteen are as follows:

ca LiViD vs. us Crystal Vision
us Front  vs. us iNTACT
us ETHEREAL vs. us Just Swing
us absolute mad lads vs. us Final Feature
us Polar Ace vs. us Good Game PR
us Lowkey vs. us heX
us Dogs of Wars vs. us On Lance
us Strings' Llama Pack vs. us Big Frames

The round of sixteen is set to begin on July 9th with the finals being played out on July 16th.

The winner of Advanced this season will net a spot in MDL, while there will also be three to four spots available in Relegation depending on if ESEA invite a team.

The full standings and the playoff bracket can be found on ESEA's website.

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