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Blue and VAATI join Jaguar; Sons of Scoots disband
While Denial is no more, the players are still fighting to get their salaries from the organization.
Written by: Mnmzzz    June 18th 2019 12:43 am    #Denial #SonsOfScoots #emmet #Jaguar #sickLy #blue #EPLS10 #BRUNO #kevz #casablancas  

Blue and and VAATI have linked up with former coach emmet on Jaguar

Jaguar have announced the additions of former Sons of Scoots players Carlos "Blue" Arestegui and Julio "VAATI" Jimenez. The duo will be replacing Kevin "kevz" Rodriguez and Ricardo "casablancas" Arquette on the six-man lineup. 

sam_A leaves Sons of Scoots

This news comes just days after Jesus "sam_A" Taboada also decided to leave Sons of Scoots, leaving the roster with just two players. was told by Eduardo "Link" Osuna that the "ex-Denial/Sons of Scoots roster is no more," with the two remaining players considering their options in their respective regions. With Sons of Scoots going their separate ways, it is currently unknown what will happen to the team's EPL South American Relegation spot, where the team were set to face off against the winner of ESL LA League S5.

This roster move reunites VAATI with Bruno "BRUNO" Hernandez, having previously played together on the former Jaguar roster that was signed by Denial.

Jaguar's roster is now: 

  • pe Bruno "BRUNO" Hernandez
  • pe Joel "tor1towOw" Rios Manrique
  • do Edwin "NiWDE" Mateo
  • ve Nelvin "NOOZ" Gonzalez
  • mx Carlos "Blue" Arestegui
  • pe Julio"VAATI" Jimenez
  • ve Eli "emmet" Pachano (Coach)

emmet leaves Sons of Scoots to rejoin Jaguar

Although the Denial/Sons of Scoots roster is now dead, the team are still working to try and get paid for their time with the organization. Link tells that although release documents have been drawn up, Patrick "BlackBeard" Smith  and Zachary "Xac" Smith have thus far refused to return any of the players calls or emails.

Update: Denial not-CEO steps down amid allegations of withheld payments

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2019-06-18 00:58
Next up -NiWDE -NOOZ -Blue +Link +sam_A +sickLy
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