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Denial allegedly in payments trouble again
A post from the organization's former H1Z1 team has triggered revelations about the CS:GO squad
Written by: tolkienfanatic    September 1st 2017 7:30 am    #Denial  

Xp3 and the rest of his team are allegedly owed months of pay from Denial

Late Thursday night, it appeared that the Denial Esports offical Twitter account was either hijacked by a disgruntled employee or hacked, when a Tweet was made referencing the team not paying players.

It seems there is credence to the accusation, as earlier this morning a TwitLonger was posted by a former member of Denial's H1Z1 team, announcing that they were leaving the organization due to the players being owed in excess of $20,000. This was then followed by up by several Tweets from Rise Nation coach Jared "osorandom" Hartman, claiming that the team has not been paid since May, the players had to pay for their own travel to and lodging at Fragadelphia, and that the players themselves have had to make rent payments on  their team house in order to not be evicted. can confirm that at least two of the Denial players required outside financial assistance to attend and return from Fragadelphia, as well as staying in a hotel room that the organization did not book. On top of that, David "Toy" Han has in fact been playing without a contract from the organization.

This is not the first time that Denial have been in hot water over failure to pay their players.

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