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vek returns to Lowkey, Scottiyio becomes fearless, and more
The roster changes keep rolling in.
Written by: Nohte    May 6th 2019 9:30 pm    #ESEAAdvancedS31 #OldGuysClub #Lowkey #Fearless #Vikings #oBo #Scottiyio #yelraD #Reloadz #vek  

Yet another handful of changes have happened down in ESEA Advanced, seeing additions to Old Guys Club, Lowkey, Fearless, and Vikings.

Following the additions of Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson and Christine "potter" Chi last week, Old Guys Club have broken from their norm by bringing on fifteen-year-old Owen "oBo" Schlatter. The young talent remains ineligible to play in any league higher than Advanced due to the age requirements, although his birthday is now just under two months away giving him just enough time to get some much-needed experience under the mind of Sean "seang@res" Gares.

LiviD and Lowkey make changes, Fifflaren re-embraces seniority on Old Guys Club

When contacted by, oBo informed us that he already "had a good offer, but its complicated", going on to say that he would rather wait until he was sixteen to make a proper decision. oBo has already debuted for Old Guys Club in the team's first matchup of the season against Top 0, helping to take a 16-6 victory by averaging 106 damage per round alongside fragging from Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and Samuel "SileNt" Portillo.

Old Guys Club now consists of:

  • us Samuel "SileNt" Portillo
  • us Yazan "clowN" Ammari
  • us Sean "seang@res" Gares 
  • us Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
  • ca Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen
  • se Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson
  • us Christine "potter" Chi
  • us Owen "oBo" Schlatter
  • us Mohamad "mOE" Assad (Coach)

Septet of changes mark beginning of Advanced season

After helping to reform Vikings earlier in the week, Scott "Scottiyio" Baker has linked up with Fearless, where he joins a trio of Canadians in the form of Denis "denya" Kosogov, Muhtadi "b0ssy" Irq, and Jack "yelraD" Darley. The roster is completed by Kellen "Rascal" Cole, who spent a brief period of time on Whatever it Takes last season and teamed up with b0ssy at T.O. Spawn this past weekend, facing off against yelraD on Strings' Llama Pack.

Fearless' roster is now:

  • ca Muhtadi "b0ssy" Irq
  • ca Denis "denya" Kosogov
  • us Kellen "Rascal" Cole
  • ca Jack "yelraD" Darley
  • us Scott "Scottiyio" Baker

wrath and Jonji make a massive impact at T.O. Spawn

To replace Scottiyio, Vikings have enlisted the services of former West Coast Fraggers member Alberto "Reloadz" Garcia. The player helped his team to an 11-5 overall record in Main last season, but fell to Dignitas fe in the first round of playoffs to be eliminated. Vikings have already played their first match of the season, falling 8-16 against ETHEREAL which they will now look to recover from with the addition of Reloadz.

Vikings now consists of:

  • ca Bruno "WiGGY" Rabani
  • ca Harim "terrorize" Ismaeil
  • us Julian "Hybr1d" Rivera
  • us Blake "Blakers" Reynolds
  • us Alberto "Reloadz" Garcia

poised removed from BLITZKRIEG

Following the release of Catherine "CAth" Leroux on May 1st, Dignitas fe initially were fielding their coach, David "Xp3" Garrido, for their matches in WINNERS League and the Fragadelphia Online Anniversary event. The team have now returned to an all-female lineup for their league matches with Melisa "Theia" Mundorff hopping on to the roster as a stand-in, with a new fifth yet to be revealed by the organization.

  • us Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido
  • us Lynnie "artStar" Noquez
  • ca Amanda "rain" Smith
  • us Kiara "milk" Makua
  • us Melisa "Theia" Mundorff (Stand-in)
  • fr David "Xp3" Garrido (Coach)

Dignitas fe release CAth

Despite parting ways with Lowkey a week ago as "things didn't work out", Alex "vek" Voynov has rejoined the team's ESEA roster. When contacted by, the in-game leader said he "overreacted" and that he "realized there's no reason to throw away 6+ months of playing with same core 3", leading him to apologize and rejoin the team.

Lowkey are once again:

  • ca Alex "vek" Voynov
  • us Paytyn "Junior" Johnson
  • us Alex "Obs1dian" Conrad
  • us Damian "droid" Boulware
  • us Lucas "Fiziq" Blow

Lowkey and Brazen sign Advanced teams

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