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9 RWS Quad Awpers win Underwatch Boston NCS Minor
The one-day LAN saw a diminished field of six teams compete for $1,500 top prize.
Written by: Mnmzzz    April 22nd 2019 4:05 pm    #9RWSQuadAwpers #Boston #Underwatch #NCSMinor #agM #Nervous #BASE #4pack #tconnors  

agM's squad played only two matches on their way to victory

9 RWS Quad Awpers, a mix-team featuring Polar Ace players Michael "agM" Abood and Colton "BASE" Musella, has won the Underwatch Boston NCS Minor, after besting Big Chillin in the finals. 

Before the event even started, agM’s squad ran into trouble and had to enlist the services of Thomas "tconnors" Connors as a stand-in after Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez was unable to attend the event due to a cancelled flight.

This iteration of the Underwatch Boston Minor was not without controversy as the tournament organizer announced two days before the event was set to start that the event would be cut down from two days to one day after a number of teams dropped out due to Easter and other "holidays".

With only six teams attending, 9 RWS Quad Awpers won the whole event by winning two best-of-three series starting off with their semi-finals matchup, which was a a quick 2-0. In the finals, 9 RWS Quad Awpers faced off against Big Chillin, a squad featuring NCS circuit regular Rossein "Conan-Kun" Choeng. The series went the distance with 9 RWS Quad Awpers narrowly taking the first map 19-17. After this, Big Chillin won a close of their own 16-14. In the end though, 9 RWS Quad Awpers took the event 2-1 with another 16-14 finish on the third map.

Cyclone blow away the competition at Midwest CS:GO NCS Minor

The final standings for the Underwatch Boston NCS Minor was:

1. us 9 RWS Quad Awpers (agM, Nervous, BASE, 4pack, tconnors) - $1,500
2. us Big Chillin (dvl, squidah, blackpinklisa, chops, conan-kun) - $600
3. us Mocks Make-a-Wish (Jet, Bron, Daryl, stomp, mock) - $350
4. us Davids Make-a-Wish (scoobs, fkm, contax, SpEaR-R-, witness)
5-6. us Sans & Papyrus (Bagelboy, raymoose, veggieclub, [B]oolian, Expo)
5-6. us LAN Lords (DrLejos, fx, roco, Bezerker, moso)

Stay Frosty put Conan's Money Crew on ice; win Underwatch 2019

2019-04-22 16:14
#2 Idle
2019-04-22 16:23
Gimme LAN in my area Reeeeeeeeee
#3 Nurfed
2019-04-22 16:29
i think its time to get an updated picture of mike that's not from 2014

also they all own
#4 Mnmzzz
2019-04-22 16:45
Gotta get you guys all on LAN so we can get better pictures.
#5 witness
2019-04-22 17:08
they 2-1ed finals and it was like 19-17 14-16 16-14 think that shouldve been mentioned :/
#6 Mnmzzz
2019-04-22 20:06
Fixed, thanks for the info. I had trouble finding the match scores.
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