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Rambo silently assumes head coach role on Cloud9
After working in tandem with valens, the transition of the reins is now nearly complete.
Written by: Mnmzzz    March 22nd 2019 12:37 pm    #Cloud9 #Rambo #valens #compLexity #iBUYPOWERMasters2019 #SEMPHIS #JUGi #kioShiMa  

valens has passed the torch to Rambo

After a period of standing beside Soham "valens" Chowdhury, Ronald "Rambo" Kim is now acting as Cloud9's head coach on a permanent basis, has learned.

Rambo suits up, joins valens at the iBUYPOWER Masters

In lieu of an official announcement, Rambo's Twitter has been updated to reflect the fact that the transition has occurred. Additionally, on Cloud9's website, valens is now listed as the team's "Head of Data Science".  

When asked about if the change was complete by, valens commented:

Yeah pretty much. I am still helping the team with the roster and to start off on the right track, but I'm about 75% transitioned off.

He went on to confirm that Rambo will be in the server with the team for ECS Season 7 Week 3, as well as standing behind them at their upcoming events of ESL Pro League Season 9 and BLAST Pro Series Miami.

Rambo originally tried out with Cloud9 after being released from compLexity at the end of 2018 making his first appearance at iBUYPOWER Masters IV. However, valens had been considering stepping from the coach role for a while, with Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen also being looked at for the position during this time. 

compLexity bench yay, opt not to renew Rambo's contract

With Rambo's addition confirmed, for the moment Cloud9's roster is:

  • us Timothy "autimatic" Ta
  • us Will "RUSH" Wierzba
  • se Maikil "Golden" Selim
  • fr Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey
  • us Ronald "Rambo" Kim (Coach)
  • us Soham "valens" Chowdhury (Head of Data Science)

With the coaching situation sorted, Cloud9's next task is to determine their roster with reports pointing towards the possible departure of Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey along with the addition of Jakob "JUGi" Hansen.

Report: Cloud9 looking to retain kioShiMa; k0nfig to stay with OpTic

#1 iMarbot
2019-03-22 13:14
10/10 annoucement
#2 Idle
2019-03-22 13:14
Data science
#3 006_tv
2019-03-22 14:11
He's legit 300 IQ
#7 Spencer
2019-03-22 16:10
closer to 3000 ngl
#4 DiSCO
2019-03-22 14:42
wow not even gonna credit me for this?
#6 Joe
2019-03-22 15:14
I guess they don't credit banned people
#8 DiSCO
2019-03-22 17:20
I'm not banned that was someone else
#9 Joe
2019-03-22 18:00
oh i get confused a lot sorry
#10 DiSCO
2019-03-23 01:22
it's ok I still love you
#11 Joe
2019-03-23 14:15
Now I'm even more confused
#5 parks2214
2019-03-22 14:50
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