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Big Frames takes a deep dive, squads up with Oceanic
The ESEA Advanced team have found a new organization as the start of playoffs draws near.
Written by: Nohte    March 13th 2019 11:09 pm    #ESEAAdvancedS30 #BigFrames #Oceanic #Nurfed #tconnors #Church #devastation #Welshy  

tconnors and Nurfed will both look to return to MDL

The ESEA Advanced roster previously competing under Big Frames have found a new home with Oceanic, a new organization in the CS:GO space that now looks to make their mark. Currently residing in 12th on the ESEA Advanced Season 30 standings, Oceanic have a shot at making it to MDL should the team perform in the upcoming playoffs.

Blight to re-frame their plight under Big Frames

The core of the roster has been without an organization since they were dropped by Blight at the end of MDL Season 29, ending their season run with a 4-15 record. The team was moved down to Advanced following losses to The Fundamentals and ETHEREAL in MDL Relegation, and have been in search of an organization ever since.

Just prior to being picked up by Oceanic, the team added Thomas "tconnors" Connors and saw the return of Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden, with whom they had made their original run to MDL with in Season 28. Nurfed will now look to return to MDL following his departure from Stay Frosty, with just under a week to go before playoffs are underway.

Nurfed returns to Big Frames, mickey departs Lowkey for Holo, and more

Oceanic's roster consists of:

  • us Ryan "Church" Church
  • us Andy "devastation" Parr
  • us Liam "Welshy" Newhouse
  • us Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden
  • us Thomas "tconnors" Connors

Oceanic have completed all of their Advanced matches for the season, and now await the start of playoffs with a top 16 spot already secured.

Stay Frosty reduced to a puddle

#1 witness
2019-03-13 23:39
ah yes oceanic drops their advanced team for another advanced team because one didnt preform.
#2 parks2214
2019-03-14 01:13
Ah the tides have turned
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