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MDL Recap Week 8 - Luminosity's hopes take a dark turn
The top of the table looks strong as MDL heads into its final week of regular play.
Written by: Nohte    March 11th 2019 5:19 pm    #ESEAMDLS30 #MDLWeek8 #Spacestation #Luminosity #BadNewsBears #Singularity #iNTACT #FinalFeature #Mythic #Denial #oNe #FraggingforAndy #Infamous #StayFrosty #OldGuysClub #MASSIVEimpact #FURIA #FortySixand2 #Party Astronauts #TheFundamentals  

The second-to-last week of ESEA MDL Season 30 has come to a close, with FURIA continuing to rack up wins following their return from IEM Katowice and Luminosity suffering a number of surprise losses.

MDL Week 7 Recap - FURIA unleashes their fury

Just eight matches played out over the past week, with Luminosity participating in five of them. Only one win went the way of the Brazilians out of the matches they played, with Henrique "HEN1" Teles helping to snatch away a 16-14 win on Overpass against Denial. A 13-16 loss to Spacestation marked one of Luminosity's narrow losses this week, with their remaining matches seeing them fall 4-16 to FURIA, 8-16 to iNTACT, and most surprisingly, 16-19 to The Fundamentals. 

Luminosity wasn't the only Brazilian squad that The Fundamentals took on, with FURIA initially taking a 16-8 win at the start of the week against them. Despite their strong performance against Luminosity, The Fundamentals were completely dismantled by oNe the following day, with Victor "iDk" Torraca powering his team to the only 16-0 win of the season thus far.

Report: oNe look to b4rtiN before end of horvy loan

Just one final week of matches remain before the ESEA MDL Season 30 playoffs commence, with the top teams in the leaderboard all but assured a spot. The last week will see FURIA fight for the top seed as they look to go flawless in the season, while the teams who hover in the middle of the table look to win their remaining matches and sneak a spot in the playoffs.

Some notable matchups that will likely affect the standings of playoffs teams are:

Matchup Date Time
br FURIA vs. us MASSIVEimpact Mar. 11th 9PM EDT
us iNTACT vs. us Infamous Mar. 11th 10PM EDT
br FURIA vs. br oNe Mar. 12th 8PM EDT
us Mythic vs. us MASSIVEimpact Mar. 13th 9PM EDT
br FURIA vs. us Final Feature Mar. 13th 9PM EDT
br Luminosity  vs. br oNe Mar. 14th 9PM EDT

The complete standings heading into the final week of play are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Spacestation 14 11 3 +45 33
 us Singularity 17 11 6 +53 33
 us iNTACT 14 10 4 +68 30
 br FURIA 9 9 0 +99 27
 za Denial 17 9 8 +10 27
 us Bad News Bears 10 8 2 +77 24
 us Mythic 12 8 4 +30 24
 us Final Feature 14 8 6 +22 24
 br oNe 12 7 5 +34 21
 br Luminosity 13 7 6 +10 21
 us Party Astronauts 16 7 9 +16 21
 us Infamous 12 6 6 -11 18
 us MASSIVEimpact 13 6 7 -13 18
 us The Fundamentals 16 6 10 -42 18
 world Forty Six and 2 12 3 9 -86 9
 us Fragging for Andy 17 3 14 -135 9
 us Old Guys Club 9 2 7 -60 6
 us Stay Frosty 17 1 16 -163 3

Denial, FURIA, and Bad News Bears finish ECS S7 Pinnacle Cup at 3-1

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