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MDL Week 4 Recap - oNe way to the top
The Brazilians work their way to second place following a tense week of matches.
Written by: Nohte    February 11th 2019 9:30 pm    #ESEAMDLS30 #MDLWeek4 #Spacestation #Luminosity #BadNewsBears #Singularity #iNTACT #FinalFeature #Mythic #Denial #oNe #FraggingforAndy #Infamous #StayFrosty #OldGuysClub #MASSIVEimpact #FURIA #FortySixand2 #WinScrimsNotMatches #TheFundamentals  

The first month of MDL has come to an end, seeing sixteen matches played over the course of the week. In stark contrast to last week, where only three of the twelve matchups resulted in double-digit rounds for the losing side, this week saw the inverse as only three matches ended with the losing side not making it above nine rounds.

MDL Week 3 Recap - Good News for Bad News Bears

Two of those blowout losses were dealt by oNe, who demolished both Win Scrims Not Matches and Stay Frosty as they moved from ninth place to second by picking up three total wins. Another three points went their way as oNe edged out a 19-17 victory over Denial before they closed out the week suffering a narrow 14-16 loss to Spacestation, who remain at the top of the board with a flawless 6-0 record.

Denial were forced to play four matches with their coach, Tiaan "T.c" Coertzen, while they looked to secure a new fifth member, and managed to pick up only a single win over MASSIVEimpact. They'll look to improve upon those results in the upcoming week with the arrival of their two South African imports from eNergy, Robby "blackpoisoN" Da Loca and Dominic "Domsterr" Sampaio.

Denial to field blackpoisoN as ELUSIVE announces retirement

The Fundamentals also earned their first two wins of the season after sitting in last place for the first three weeks, defeating Fragging for Andy and Stay Frosty to move up into 14th. Win Scrims Not Matches replaced them at the bottom of the board as they seemingly continue living up to their name, having started the season down 0-4 after being dropped by

Some noteworthy matchups for the upcoming week of matches include:

Matchup Date Time
us Singularity vs. us Fragging for Andy Feb. 12th 9PM EST
za Denial  vs. us Fragging for Andy Feb. 13th 8PM EST
us MASSIVEimpact  vs. br oNe Feb. 13th 9PM EST
br Luminosity vs. us Old Guys Club Feb. 13th 11PM EST

The complete standings one month into the season are as follows:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Spacestation 6 6 0 +31 18
 br oNe 7 5 2 +39 15
 us Mythic 7 5 2 +7 15
 us Singularity 7 4 3 +14 12
 us iNTACT 7 4 3 +12 12
 us Infamous 8 4 4 -4 12
 br Luminosity 3 3 0 +32 9
 us Bad News Bears 5 3 2 +25 9
 za Denial 6 3 3 2 9
 us Final Feature 6 3 3 -8 9
 us Fragging for Andy 5 2 3 -5 6
 us Old Guys Club 5 2 3 -22 6
 us MASSIVEimpact 6 2 4 -23 6
 us The Fundamentals 7 2 5 -34 6
 us Stay Frosty 7 1 6 -26 3
 br FURIA 0 0 0 0 0
 mx Forty Six and 2 2 0 2 -15 0
 us Win Scrims Not Matches 4 0 4 -25 0

Infinite and Singularity part ways; floppy set to join

#1 006_tv
2019-02-12 10:43
Denial gonna be real good after this hopefully
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