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liazz: "All you really think about is getting that call from Renegades"
Despite the youngest member of Renegades claiming he "doesn't do anything", the team is clearly doing something right.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    November 11th 2018 1:26 am    #IEM #IEMChicago #IEMChicago2018 #liazz #Renegades #ORDER #GoMeZ #AZR #jks #jkaem #Gratisfaction #kassad #LDLC  

liazz is experiencing all sorts of new things after joining Renegades

Things have changed in your life pretty quickly in the last few months, huh?

It's been pretty crazy. Going to a new... a new everything. New team, new family, new living situation — I've never lived by myself before, so even that has just been crazy for me. It's been nuts.

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Talk to me about what went through your mind when you got the call up, you were sitting there in Australia as a member of ORDER, been a member of high-profile domestic teams for the last couple of years. Finally you get the call from Renegades. What was the process like?

I think when you're an up-and-comer in Australia, all you really think about is getting that call from Renegades asking you to play, and move over to the US. I think when it comes, that is when it really hits you, and it was actually really scary and daunting — the idea of moving away from your family and friends and everything you've known to pursue something that you don't even know will 100% be good for you. For me, I think I'd already really made my mind up, so yeah, I couldn't say no.

They made it really easy for me, transitioning. GoMeZ put in a lot of work to make sure that everything was super smooth, and the boys are all really nice.

I think most people have been pretty surprised by how well you guys have performed considering how close to the season you made the change. Has that taken the team off-guard as well?

Yeah, maybe a little bit. I mean, I don't know, everyone is just playing so good. AZR is just an amazing caller, he's really really smart, has a great understanding of the game. jks is probably legitimately a top 10 player in the world if you put him in the right positions. jkaem is becoming better and better every day, just like a real solid rock for us. Even Gratisfaction is performing great, he is probably like a top three AWPer in America right now. So it's pretty easy, I just have to sit in the corner and do my thing, I don't really do anything!

Unfortunately your coach kassad was unable to attend the event due to visa issues, and you subsequently had a rough showing. Does that show how important he is to you as a team, or were there other things going on?

I didn't think it would be a huge deal, but looking back I think he would have made a really significant difference. One of his attributes is that during a match, or a tactical pause, he has a really good mind for switching it up and getting in our opponents heads. Against a team like LDLC, I feel like they are a team who are more momentum-based then others, so I feel like having that second voice in AZR's head helps a lot. I think that on Cache we were up 13-7 or something like that, and I think with kassad, we close that out 100%. It is a little unfortunate, but what can you do.

Do you know if he will be able to join the team for ECS, or is the situation unchanged?

I wouldn't be able to tell you.

kassad to miss IEM Chicago

I had to try. Have you been following MDL in North America at all?

A little bit.

We're about to hit playoffs here, what do you think of some of these squads that —

OGC is going to win.

*laughs* They might not even make playoffs, but if they do, do you think they'll win?


Renegades have a busy schedule lined up for the rest of November, with the team participating in the Asia Minor Oceania Closed Qualifier for IEM Katowice, Toyota Masters Bangkok, and the ECS Season 6 Finals. They also will close out their ESL Pro League Season 8 campaign, their performance in which will see them attending another LAN before the year is finished.

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