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MIBR lose close match to TYLOO, Cloud9 destroyed by Vega Squadron; Round 2 draws
...and the second two North American teams did not have as good a time in the first round here in London.
Written by: DuckMoriarty    September 12th 2018 4:43 pm    #FACEITMajor2018 #FACEITMajor2018NewLegends #Cloud9 #MIBR #TYLOO #VegaSquadron  

YNk did not appear impressed by his team's second half display

The next two North American teams took to the stage in the FACEIT London Major, and it wasn't as pretty a sight as the region's first two entrants.

Liquid dismantle Winstrike, compLexity send Fnatic to new dephh-s in London

MIBR started off strong on Inferno, taking the pistol and following two rounds to commence a lead. They kept it up strong from there, taking six rounds in a row in the middle before losing a couple towards the end, although keeping a 11-4 lead. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo wasn't able to halt what came next, however, as TYLOO bounced back with a strong CT-side, taking round after round, only allowing their opponents to claim two rounds in the second half for the Chinese team to claim the 16-13 win.

FACEIT Major 2018
Best of one map
13 - 16
de_inferno 13 - 16 de_inferno

Back to the notebook for Golden and co.

Cloud9 was the final game of the day, and they were unable to show anything of real note. Vega Squadron came out on Mirage in full strength, taking the pistol round and gun rounds, before mounting a 12-3 lead in the first half. Although Cloud9 took a pistol round in the second half, it was quickly overturned by Dmitriy "jR" Chervak and co. for a 16-4 win.

FACEIT Major 2018
Best of one map
4 - 16
Vega Squadron
de_mirage 4 - 16 de_mirage

After the Cloud9 match finished, the draw for the second round of the Legend stage was drawn. For North America, the 1-0 pool saw compLexity get drawn against G2, and line Liquid up for a match with NiP. The 0-1 pool saw Cloud9 meet FaZe, and MIBR meet mousesports.

The full second round draw is as follows:

1-0 pool
 de BIG vs. cn TYLOO
nam compLexity vs. fr G2
ru Vega Squadron vs. dk Astralis
se NiP vs. nam Liquid
0-1 pool
 ua Natus Vincere vs. eu FaZe
eu mousesports vs. br MIBR
 us Cloud9 vs. world HellRaisers
ru Winstrike vs. se fnatic

The first game will commence here at the FACEIT London Major tomorrow morning at 5 AM EDT, which will be BIG up against TYLOO. The first North American match will be Cloud9's game against HellRaisers, slated for around 9:30 AM EDT.

#1 Will
2018-09-12 18:22
#2 Joe
2018-09-12 18:50
Ooof, inb4 C9 vs MiBR in the 0-2 match.
#3 Will
2018-09-15 02:12
5 NA teams at the next major POGCHAMP
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