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FPL Recap - oBo resumes his performance
Not even MarKE can stop the young oBo.
Written by: bleghfarec    August 5th 2018 8:49 pm    #FPL #oBo #Sneaky #food #tex #RZU #Jonji #hazed #tyfoon #vSa #desi #FPL-C #zander #koga #Douglas #cxzi #jaychancE  

We don't have any good pictures of anyone in the top 5, so uh... here's a photo of food drinking water (and also pecks)

The new season of FPL has begun, with July challengers joining the ring. Owen "oBo" Schlatter dominates the FPL ladder once again, despite a slight hiccup last week. 

FPL Recap - MarKE flexes his muscles once again

Here are the top 20 players from the last week:

Rank Name Points Prize $
1. us Owen "oBo" Schlatter 1755 $1,500
2. us David "Sneaky" Polster 1679 $1,000
3. us Victor "food" Wong 1659 $700
4. us Ian "Tex" Botsch 1631 $500
5. us Jeff "RZU" Ngo 1615 $400
6. ca Jonathan "Jonji" Carey 1614 $300
7. us James "hazed" Cobb 1571 $200
8. md Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic 1557 $200
9. ca Andy "vSa" Xu 1557 $200
10. us Derek "desi" Branchen 1557 $200
11. us Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro 1556  
12. ca Tyson "TenZ" Ngo 1552  
13. us Peter "ptr" Gurney 1542  
14. us Sam "s0m" Oh 1540  
15. us Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker 1538  
16. us Ryan "Winsum" Johns 1538  
17. us Pujan "FNS" Mehta 1538  
18. us Jake "Stewie2K" Yip 1535  
19. us Brandon "Ace" Winn 1533  
20. ca Keith "NAF" Markovic 1533  

With the FPL week leading up to Fragadelphia 12, many young players such as oBo and Victor "food" Wong top the leaderboard along with MDL players such as David "Sneaky" Polster and James "hazed" Cobb.

As the player break begins as well, professional players have been appearing more in the ladder, with Keith "NAF" Markovic and Jake "Stewie2K" Yip just barely breaking into the top 20, with Stewie2K raking in 37 matches.

With it being the first week of a new month, this week also served as the first week of FPL for two new players who were promoted from FPL-C. The notorious Moldovan Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic performed well, placing 8th in his debut week. Randy "Smiley" Sandoval, on the other hand, placed in 48th with only four matches played. The full standings can be found on FACEIT's website.

FACEIT also announced that Jonathan "Jonji" Carey was named the winner of FPL NA for the month of July, with a 59% win rate.

FACEIT announces 9 FPL invites

As mentioned earlier, a new month is underway, and as is a new season of FPL-C. 

Rank Name Points Prize
1. us Alexander "zander" Diaz 1120 $1,250 + FPL
2. us Hunter "koga" Allen 1074 $750 + FPL
3. us Jarod "Douglas" Onorato 1064 $500
4. us Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk 1059 $250
5. us Caleb "jaychancE" Davis 1056 $250

Note: FPL-C prizes are distributed monthly, none of these players have won anything

Alexander "zander" Diaz has taken the lead by a considerable margin of 46 points and a 76% winrate. Below is Hunter "koga" Allen, followed by Jarod "Douglas" Onorato, who are both currently teamless. Next in the top 5 is Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk, who is currently on a 7 win streak, and Caleb "jaychancE" Davis, who were both mainstays in the top 10 last month. 

As it is only the first week of FPL-C, these standings will change and some of these players may fall in the ladder. The full standings for FPL-C can be found on FACEIT's website.

Every week, we bring you the recap of the action in North American FPL and FPL-C. Think you can build up your skills, make the top of FPL-C, challenge the pros, and be a part of the FPL action? You can try your hand at the format by heading on over to the Western Pro League to test your might and climb your way to the top!

#1 tyfoon
2018-08-05 21:06
#2 Frog
2018-08-05 21:22
So according to this you're from Moldova?
#5 tyfoon
2018-08-06 16:13
#6 Frog
2018-08-06 21:25
Nice! ^^
One of my best friends is also from there and his family moved to Canada as well :D
#7 tyfoon
2018-08-06 22:06
thats sick bro
#8 Will
2018-08-06 22:09
i liked it better when u had the Canadian flag
#9 tyfoon
2018-08-06 22:19
n o
#10 Will
2018-08-06 22:28
y e s
#11 bleghfarec
2018-08-07 01:05
yeah the canadian flag looked better
#12 tyfoon
2018-08-07 02:20
#13 Will
2018-08-07 17:58
canada > moldova

ur always gonna be canadian 2 me
#3 Will
2018-08-05 21:54
#4 Joe
2018-08-06 09:55
Damn, no pictures? I knew I should have gone to Frag with my gear.
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