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Farmers win Saints Gaming Live
Strong Legs, crux, and rugrat have taken the first place in Windsor.
Written by: CarbonDogma    June 11th 2018 1:39 pm    #SaintsGaming #Farmers #GoofyN'theBois #StrongLegs #crux #rugrat #Strings  

We need new photos of Strong Legs

Farmers have won the Saints Gaming LAN in Windsor, Ontario over Goofy N' the Bois 2-0 (16-10 Cache, 16-8 Mirage). They have also taken away some portion of the $2,500 prize pool.

The first map Cache, started off as domination for the Farmers side, gaining a huge 12-3 lead at halftime. With Roy "Strong Legs" Ahad at the top of the scoreboard, Farmers managed to repel the comeback from Goofy Bois and close out the map 16-10.

Prospects rope in Strings

Mirage, like map one, started off heavily towards Strong Legs's men, this time securing a 13-2 Terrorist half. Once again, Goofy N' the Bois mounted a comeback, but a huge performance from Strong Legs let Farmers shut down the comeback early and win map two 16-8 and the series 2-0.

Here are the resulting standings for the Saints Gaming LAN:

1st - ca Farmers (Strong Legs, crux, rugrat, Skelly, fisher)
2nd - ca Goofy N' the Bois (Strings, cdiixon, Snakelore, BlueSky, yelraD)

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#1 crackshotCS
2018-06-11 13:48
terry = Skelly
yelra0 = yelraD

Also have links to the VODs if you need
#2 006_tv
2018-06-11 14:02
EZ for god StrongLegs
#3 lanhero
2018-06-11 17:09
Solid performance by the canadian team
#4 Will
2018-06-12 01:20
why does skelly win every local he goes to
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