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Why is this website not used
2018-02-07 11:57  |  
Sad that this website is largely dead

#1 tolkienfanatic
2018-02-07 12:09
We (the staff) are holding up our end of the bargain, so you tell us why people aren't here
#3 chaseR
2018-02-07 12:17
Hltv seems to take away a lot of the potential users, personally I wish this site would grow as well, just unfortunate it isn’t, I would be interested in helping it grow
#2 chaseR
2018-02-07 12:14
#4 parks2214
2018-02-07 17:08
Honestly I use this site just as much if not more then HLTV... The only time I go to HLTV is for in game viewer on mobile and for International line-up changes. Otherwise I read all the articles here which helps me keep up to date with MDL teams in NA among other things.
#7 chaseR
2018-02-08 11:38
Yeah I just wish forums would be more active
#8 tolkienfanatic
2018-02-08 12:24
Be the change you want to see in the world!
#12 chaseR
2018-02-08 14:46
Alright sure, but would need a mods help to do that
#14 tolkienfanatic
2018-02-08 15:42
#5 el_jack0
2018-02-07 17:17
I only check dust2 for news. HLTV is too cluttered with other topics.
#6 Casey
2018-02-08 00:23
many do not care about lower tiers of NA cs and basically any team in NA other than C9 TL or RNG/NRG/Misfits/which ever team is 3rd best at the time
#10 shiraz
2018-02-08 14:27
I disagree many NA players are really involved in the lower tier NA scene. Most people i know are more involved in the top MDL/ lower proleague and even top Main scene
#9 shiraz
2018-02-08 14:26
I think that people do use dust2us
I use it alot, almost everyday but as i am not usually someone who likes to communicate on forums i have not made an account until today
#13 chaseR
2018-02-08 14:46
It’s just good to communicate, discuss opinions about cs
#11 shrek
2018-02-08 14:31
names shrek
#15 Joe
2018-02-08 19:57
I try to pop in here as often as I can, I just don't always post on the forums or articles though.
#16 Joe
2018-02-09 14:21
ALSO; I thought there was going to be much more coming in January. Sure we saw new features, like the Rank S recap and shuffle tracker, but I was really hoping to see some sort of calendar that would help keep track of tournaments, LANs, online events, and what not. I think that'd be really cool to see.

I suggested this a while ago and thought something like it was coming, I think it would incentivize people to check the website daily.
#17 tolkienfanatic
2018-02-09 15:28
That is a website enhancement, not a matter of creating content.
#18 chaseR
2018-02-09 16:41
Being a cooperative mod is also good, not just denying all forms of criticism
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