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Mayhem at Mad City; two players disqualified from event
Jasper "sfX" Ko and Alex "PTRIP" Kruszewski have been DQ'd from the event after a physical altercation.
Written by: Baltybaby    March 10th 2018 2:39 pm    #RivaL #MadCity #sfX #ptrip #4pack #X1 #recky #N3rdStreetGamers #tyfoon  

In a day that was flowing smoothly for everyone involved, a darkness has been cast upon the teams. After a 3-0 finish in their group, Alex "PTRIP" Kruszewski of RivaL and X1 Mob's Jasper "sfX" Ko have both been disqualified.

A case of online beef escalated to the point of confrontation when sfX went to start something with Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak. Despite the beef being between sfX and 4pack, confirmed by sfX himself on Twitter, it was Alex "PTRIP" Kruszewski who received a slap from the noted trash talker.

Emergency services were called to the scene and PTRIP was seen cradling his shoulder, and has been stated as having "limited movement" by a teammate of his.

witmer: "I'm not worried until finals, even though I have zero hours"

In an official statement, teammate Adrian "recky" Golec said:

I think 28-year olds fighting 17-year olds over online trash talk is kind of childish. Online beef has to stay online, it's fun and games. What do you get out of fighting a 17-year old kid when you're 27-28? What kind of satisfaction do you get from that?

The scene at the event was hectic without a doubt, but the N3rdstreet and Mad City staff handled it perfectly. In a decision that sets a precedent for all LANs that violence is zero tolerance, both players have received a 'red card' and will not be allowed to continue at this particular event.

As an official statement for, N3rd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio said:

In reviewing the situation, we found it was contained to only two individuals. The [other members] of the teams were not involved, and both have agreed that they do not condone violence. We have banned the two players that were involved in the confrontation.

The teams are now dealing with a 'red card' and a 4v5 situation. They have 30 minutes to provide a sub to replace that player, who will pay an additional entry fee, with our approval. We will not allow any ringers in. It will be a subjective decision because at the end of the day, this tournament is for the community and we will make a decision that's best for the community.

The round of 16 will commence as soon as possible once new players have been found to sub in for The X1 Mob and RivaL.

Mask Off member Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic was the first to break word of the altercation, and documented a good portion of it, including sfX being seen in handcuffs shortly after his talking with police.

Mad City: Chicago Day 1 complete

#1 Droid
2018-03-10 14:46
balty with da quick news
#2 figment
2018-03-10 14:48
tyfoon famous lol
#3 goldstar
2018-03-10 14:51
#4 FaNg
2018-03-10 14:54
#5 nguyen
2018-03-10 14:59
Still think forcing a team to 4v5 instead of just pulling the next seed is ridiculously
#11 Will
2018-03-10 16:29
they can find get a standin
#6 RoundCube
2018-03-10 15:01
Crazy man, adults fighting teenagers at LAN, embarassing.
#7 iMarbot
2018-03-10 15:03
NA CS 101
#8 XoBB1T
2018-03-10 15:36
#9 rustyjames
2018-03-10 15:45
so i get from this sfx is fucked ye?

he got priors or nah?
#10 s0mething
2018-03-10 16:26
aye we love u jasper
#12 Outlawe
2018-03-10 17:23
lmao idiot ptrip learned his lesson. Can't wait till ravage drops him from the org
#13 Flam3z
2018-03-10 21:05
Top kek
#14 Hexag0n_
2018-03-12 20:50
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