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Ex-100 Thieves claim final MDL spot
The position had been set as a placeholder for a while now.
Written by: DuckMoriarty    February 19th 2018 7:13 pm    #ESEAMDLS27 #NaoTemComo #bit #felps #fnx #HEN1 #LUCAS1  

LUCAS1 and co. finally make a return to North American competition

After numerous weeks where the final MDL place was still unclaimed, it falls to the former Immortals and 100 Thieves roster to take it up. Competing for now as Nao Tem Como, the Brazilians make a return to North American competition.

Joining the roster will be former SK player João "felps" Vasconcellos, replacing Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe who left the team under controversial circumstances. With rumors going around that the team may be on their way to SK, replacing their current team who are rumored to move to the newly Immortals owned Made in Brazil brand.

100 Thieves release CS:GO team

The team's placement into the league isn't without controversy, however, as they're not set to play against any of the current top five in their 16 scheduled matches, yet are set to play against the bottom eight sides (not including themselves). 

The Nao Tem Como roster is as follows:

  • br Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles
  • br Henrique "HEN1" Teles
  • br Lincoln "fnx" Lau
  • br Bruno "bit" Lima
  • br João "felps" Vasconcellos
#1 terabyte
2018-02-19 19:16
new SK roster inc
#2 r0gers
2018-02-19 19:25
ESEA /ESL still finding more and more ways to piss people off
#3 junera
2018-02-19 20:32
Can’t wait to finally watch them play!!!

MDL will be too easy for these boys!!!

#4 CS_CeeJ
2018-02-19 22:32
especially since they only have to play half the season and get to skip out on the best four teams
#6 junera
2018-02-19 23:18
Oh yeah sure the best 4 teams from MDL would do any damage to them lmao
#7 jcv999
2018-02-20 10:32
They haven't played a match in months, there's no telling what kind of form they will be in
#9 junera
2018-02-21 01:09
They were bootcamping in EU a month ago dude, also they don’t need that much practice to get to EPL
#10 jcv999
2018-02-21 10:41
You sound like Dazed did. "We don't need to work that hard to get to EPL". Now look where he is
#5 vitAl
2018-02-19 23:00
#8 jcv999
2018-02-20 10:33
In MDL the teams are matched against teams with the same record, right? That would mean these guys will play against HentaiWeabooMasterLords
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