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Limitless disband
After a poor start to the season and waning interest the team has folded.
Written by: Mnmzzz    November 15th 2021 10:57 am    #ESEAPremierS39 #ayy #Umar #Cryptic #Jason #consti #Noot #Limitless  

Limitless have disbanded after a 0-4 start to ESEA Premier Season 39, marking the unfortunately quick end of the team's second season of Premier. Additionally, it leaves Limitless looking for a new lineup less than three weeks after the new organization entered CS:GO.

Limitless sign ex-Eros

Limitless played their first season of Premier last season under Eros, finishing the regular season with a 2-5 record; being required to play Relegation as a result. After surviving Season 38 Relegation the team replaced their fifth player and their coach and found a new organization with Limitless in the leadup to Season 39. 

Unfortunately despite these changes the team failed to show appreciable improvement as they started this season with losses to ChocoCheck, Triumph, paiN, and Eros (formerly ex-GGPR). 

With the team showing poor form in their debut, Umar "Umar" Qaiser told that the squad decided to disband the lineup as they no longer enjoyed playing together and did not believe it would be possible to rebuild the lineup under these conditions.

Limitless was:

  • ca Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud
  • us Umar "Umar" Qaiser
  • us Matthew "Cryptic" Whitmore
  • us Jason "Jason" Garcia
  • us Kevin "consti" Yi
  • us Nick "Noot" Samodurov (Coach)

Although Limitless no longer has a team, the organization's esports manager Aiden "AJ" Jones tells that they want to come back to CS:GO as soon as possible and are currently assessing their options.

RBG, Triumph, ChocoCheck, and Strife through to day two of ESEA Fall Cash Cup 5

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