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karanni leaves LFAO; REOVA comes aboard
Unable to find an organization to give them the necessary support, LFAO says goodbye to karanni.
Written by: devil    January 11th 2018 11:00 am    #LFAO #karanni #Rustun #PwnAlone #paperboy #REOVA #pavel #ESEAMDLS26 #ESEAMDLS27  

Gianni "karanni" Dfana has left the LFAO roster just as Season 27 of ESEA MDL approaches. karanni cited that the teams inability to find an organization to sponsor them has made the dedication of time required to compete at the MDL level unmanageable.

karanni is the second member from last season to depart the side, after Felipe "pavel" Costa decided to return to his home country of Brazil. Joining the roster in his place is Mert "REOVA" Bayrak, who played last season with FRENCH CANADIANS and Good People. With REOVA playing with them, the team finished 3/4 in the third Strong Legs Cup.

pavel returning to Brazil

With the change, the roster for LFAO is now:

  • us Rustun "Rustun" Lusk
  • us Josh "PwnAlone" P.
  • us Ethan "paperboy" Lillie
  • tr Mert "REOVA" Bayrak

With the upcoming MDL season beginning in just ten days time, LFAO continue to not only seek an organization to support them, but a fifth team member as well.

Iceberg wins Strong Legs Cup 3

#1 shrek
2018-01-11 12:52
#2 nguyen
2018-01-11 16:22
unexpected Gianni is solid talent sad to see him go
#3 el_jack0
2018-01-11 17:13
very sad news :(
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