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Premier Recap Week 4-6 - paiN locks in playoffs ahead of hectic final week
Week seven will be a busy one as 18 series will need to be played to determine the eight playoff teams.
Written by: Mnmzzz    September 27th 2021 7:16 pm    #ESEAPremierS38 #ExtraSalt #paiN #Triumph #RBG #ChocoCheck #GGPR #PartyAstronauts #ThirdImpact #Strife #ONET4P #BigChillin #Eros #Mythic #ColdestRiders #Verum  

Three more weeks of ESEA Premier Season 38 have with only a handful of matches played. This is due to an extremely busy NA calendar that has seen Fragadelphia 15, DreamHack Open September, two Cash Cups, and no less than six qualifiers take place since the start of September.

As a result, ESEA Premier has been put on the back burner with week four only seeing three series played, week five incredibly seeing no series played, and week six beginning to pick up the pace with fourteen series played.

Premier Recap Week 1-3 - paiN and Extra Salt start season in dominant positions

Despite it being a slow portion of the season there were a number of important developments, with paiN clinching a spot in playoffs after besting Big Chillin and receiving a forfeit win over ChocoCheck. Meanwhile, GGPR and RBG have set themselves up for a strong shot at playoffs, claiming two wins each. 

This portion of the season hasn't been all positives though as Big Chillin have had a poor showing thus far with their stand-ins as the team are yet to win a map and are staring down Relegation. Additionally, stream team Mythic are in rough waters after going 1-2 with a win over Big Chillin and losses to ONET4P and ChocoCheck. If they want to avoid Relegation, they will need to claim wins over playoff contenders Party Astronauts and Strife.

JoJo: "[Slugy]'s one of the more skilled players I've played with"

As week seven is the final week of the regular season, it is absolutely brimming with important matches. Some of the most notable ones are listed below:

Matchup Date Time
 br paiN vs. us Strife Sep. 27th 6PM EDT
us RBG vs. us Third Impact Sep. 27th 8PM EDT
nam Extra Salt vs. us Triumph Sep. 27th 9PM EDT
us Party Astronauts vs. us ChocoCheck Sep. 28th 8PM EDT
us GGPR vs. us Verum Sep. 28th 8PM EDT
us Strife vs. us Mythic Sep. 28th 8PM EDT
br paiN vs. us ONET4P Sep. 28th 8PM EDT
us Party Astronauts vs. us ONET4P Sep. 29th 5PM EDT
us Triumph vs. us Eros Sep. 29th 8PM EDT
us Third Impact vs. us Coldest Riders Sep. 29th 8PM EDT
us RBG vs. us GGPR Sep. 29th 8PM EDT

The standings at the end of week six look as follows:

Strife co-owner: "I want organizations to pick up these teams and make a difference"

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