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KmZ leaves GGPR; Jmp to stand-in
Jmp returns to GGPR for the time being and is likely set to play playoffs with the team once again.
Written by: Mnmzzz    June 12th 2021 2:03 pm    #ESEAPremierSeason37 #GGPR #Sharkie #lowrider #Inseaniac #BeaKie #quick #ninja #KmZ #Jmp  

Ezekiel "KmZ" Hughes has stepped down from GGPR, with the team set to field long-time ringer Jesse "Jmp" Peraino for the remainder of the season. The move comes less than a month after KmZ joined GGPR to replace Johnny "JDubs" Wu. 

GGPR replace JDubs with KmZ

KmZ's sudden departure from the team came during the middle of the DreamHack Open June Open Qualifier, with Jmp stepping in for the team in their day two victory over Verum. During his time with GGPR, the team have had a strong season in ESEA Premier Season 37, currently boasting a 5-2 record with notable wins over Recon 5 and Secret Club.

In a follow-up tweet KmZ stated that he is no longer trying to play professionally and that in the future he wants to play to have fun. Despite this, he tells that he is looking for a new team for next season.

GGPR reel in Sharkie; PDHM add Turismo as a replacement

His temporary replacement, Jmp, joins GGPR after playing for them during playoffs last season. Chase "lowrider" Releford told that Jmp is a good fit for the team for the time being because he has "great attitude, good aim,  just lacks experience but [has] high potential".

GGPR are now:

  • us Chase "lowrider" Releford
  • ca Sean "Inseaniac" Morrison
  • ca Brody "BeaKie" Kelly
  • us Brandon "Sharkie" Ly
  • us Jesse "Jmp" Peraino (Stand-in)
  • us Aurele "quick" Hebert (Coach)
  • us Erich "ninja" Beyer (Assistant Coach)

GGPR's final match of the regular season will be against Extra Salt on June 15th.

Nordavind add m1cks as head coach

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